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Houston Tree Service Experts Restores Aesthetic Appeal on Client’s New Home

Houston, Texas – When Jimmy decided to look for his first home in Houston, his goal was to get the most attractive home. However, after checking out several homes, the homeowner realized that landscape beauty came at a very high price. The homeowner then decided to change and instead start looking for a home with good assets but a messy landscape.

A friend—who happens to be an expert in purchasing and selling homes—advised the family to look for a home that hadn’t enjoyed tree trimming or tree pruning for at least a decade,” said the homeowner. “The friend mentioned that a tree trimming procedure costing less than $5,000 can easily increase the value of a home by more than $100,000.”

Jimmy reportedly found a home with a good house, a swimming pool, garage, and extra utilities. However, surprisingly, what impressed him the most was the messy landscape. He knew he could leverage it to purchase the home at a very affordable price.

A home that was supposed to cost the family more than $600,000 set us back a mere $300,000, thanks to the messy landscape,” said Jimmy. “However, immediately after acquiring the home, the family had to start working on improving it. The family could not just live in an environment that resembled a forest.”

Being a new homeowner in Houston, Jimmy had to ask around to determine which tree maintenance company offered the best services. The homeowner decided to call Houston Tree Service Experts after receiving suggestions from almost everyone he talked to.

When the family checked online to determine whether Houston Tree Service Experts was as good as most homeowners said,” said Jimmy, “everyone was surprised to learn that the company has maintained a perfect 5-star rating even after being in business for more than 25 years. The family decided to call the company immediately.”

When calling Houston Tree Service Experts, the homeowner thought that he would spend a lot of money on his tree maintenance procedure. He was, however, surprised when the company did the cost estimate.

While the family was prepared to pay more than $30,000 for the landscape improvement project,” said Jimmy, “the company decided to charge less than $10,000. The family was more than willing to spend as much money as necessary considering that the poor tree maintenance had halved the price paid for the property.”

To see the investments Houston Tree Service Experts is making to reduce tree service prices, read this story:

Houston Tree Service Experts arrived on Jimmy’s landscape early the next day. The team of professionals initiated work on the landscape and worked extra fast. While the homeowner expected the tree care company to spend a month on the landscape, the company spent less than 5 days on the landscape.

By the time the Houston tree trimming team and tree pruning team were done with the landscape,” said Jimmy, “even the previous homeowner could not recognize it. The team fixed the crowns, got rid of dead branches, and eliminated overgrown branches. The company made each tree complement the next natural ornament. This made the home well worth over $600,000.”

The homeowner was impressed when he learned that the team would not just leave after improving the tree crowns. The team went ahead and collected all the waste generated by the tree maintenance procedure.

By the time Houston Tree Service Experts was leaving the landscape,” said Jimmy, “the team had collected the branches, leaves, and even sawdust. The team left the home after ensuring that visitors would appreciate the landscape the moment they landed on it.”

Houston Tree Service Experts offers its services from its base of operation at 6420 Hillcroft Ave, Houston, TX 77081, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 281-519-6308 and [email protected]

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Phone: 281-519-6308
Address:6420 Hillcroft Ave
City: Houston 77081
State: TX
Country: United States

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