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Hi, what are you looking for? Releases 850+ New Domain Extensions

London, United Kingdom – 08-24-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Individuals and small businesses now have more options to register a perfect-match domain name thanks to’s expansion of top-level-domain extensions.  

London, United Kingdom, August 25, 2022 – Now, businesses, individuals, and start-ups may register short, memorable domains that represent their brands without incurring the additional cost of premium extensions. All of this is made possible by’s recent release of 850 additional new ccTDLs, and new generic-top-level domains.  

“These updates will enable the registration of excellent domain extensions at affordable costs and were added after careful thought of our client’s growing demands,” says Michiel Grotenhuis responsible for Intl. Business Development at  

A domain name extension is the combination of characters that follow the period in a web address, for example, With domain extensions like .london, .wales, .bar or .scot, many new-age businesses are turning toward industry-specific, concise, descriptive domain extensions that can help them develop a unique digital presence. Brands can creatively use both the left and right sides of the ‘dot’ to describe themselves and what they do with these descriptive domains.  

“With the increasing competitiveness of .coms, brands need better ways to find a ‘perfect match domain’. New extensions are the way forward and we’re excited to provide these additional extensions for clients,” added Grotenhuis.  

Carefully chosen domain extensions can help businesses and individuals create and establish effective branding. New domain extensions help make domain names stand out and easier to understand. In many cases the registered domain names under nGTLD´s are shorter because more variants are available to choose from. plans to continuously replenish its domain library with new domain extensions as they become available to the public.  

Please visit for more details on benefiting from its 850 new domain name extensions.  

About, founded in 2012, provides customers with complete hosting services by combining industry expertise with top-notch customer support. They offer incredibly affordable Cloud Hosting and domain registration services throughout Europe, North America, and the World. Their Cloud Hosting solutions, domain names, and related technologies enable people to build, market, and own their digital identities. manages hundreds of extra top-level domains on its state-of-the-art registration services infrastructure for clients.   

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