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Historian Lawrence A. Clayton Releases New Book Titled ‘The Push Back’

Historian Lawrence A. Clayton Releases New Book Titled ‘The Push Back’
‘The Push Back’ is a new book that has just been released. It is written by historian Lawrence A. Clayton. The book is basically a collection of the op-eds published by the author in the local newspaper and deals with the different issues that have been plaguing the nation.

Lawrence A. Clayton is a renowned historian who used to write for The Tuscaloosa News, a daily local newspaper. In his op-ed columns he mainly wrote of the different issues that have cropped up both on a national and a family level.

In his recently launched book aptly titled, ‘The Push Back’, the author talks of both small and big issues. He goes to the very roots of the problems and examines the underlying causes. He believes that it is only thorough examination of what went wrong that one will be able to offer the right remedy to fix the situations.

He arrived at several mindful suggestions in this book ranging from establishing new programs that emphasize traditional values, understanding the importance of personal responsibility, administering the right to vote and making people aware of their need to truly exercise it and the restoration of home and religion to the fundamental bases for restoring the nation. The trilogy of those values that build people—the home, education, and Christianity–have been laid aside or alienated these days. They need to be restored, turning away from egotism, self-satisfaction, victimization, and the modern “Woke” concept that rejects service, personal responsibility, liberty, democracy and other values underscoring our exceptional history.

The author wrote that right changes are crucially needed: “So much has been changing constantly over the years that it is hard to pinpoint the issues to a single thing. It is time that the right change is created and we believe that the change can happen with awareness and education. I hope my book can reach out to more and more people who in turn could bring in the wave of change.”

The book is factual and doesn’t take matters of history lightly. He pinpointed many small and big issues and made sure not to deviate from the facts. He expects and hopes this book will be able to stir the right emotions and responses to today’s emergencies in our nation.

Those who would like to grab a copy of the book should make it a point to visit

About Lawrence A. Clayton

Lawrence A. Clayton is a historian born in New Jersey. He served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and cruised both in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Seas. He also served as the Chair of Department of History at the University of Alabama from 2000 to 2007 and takes active interest in local, national, and world affairs.

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City: Tuscaloosa
State: Alabama
Country: United States

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