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Herpes Dating Website Meet Positives Warns Its Members About The Similarities Between Symptoms Of HSV and Monkeypox

Chicago, Illinois –

Meet Positives, the nation’s largest dating website for people with herpes, is urging its members to practice caution while dating, due to the rapidly increasing number of monkeypox cases in the Unites States.

According to the latest data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there have been a total of 15,433 reported cases of monkeypox in the nation as of Monday, 22nd August 2022. New York leads the country when it comes to states with the greatest number of reported cases with 2,910, followed by California with 2,663, and Florida with 1,588.

The rise of monkeypox is of particular importance to herpes singles because of the remarkable similarity between monkeypox lesions and the symptoms of genital herpes and cold sores around the mouth of someone who has HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). Dermatologists say that the differences, though present, are not obvious and not readily discernable for someone who is not trained to look for them.

The CEO of Meet Positives talks about the care that the platform’s members should take while meeting new people by saying, “If you are an STD-positive single who is actively seeking a partner, the news surrounding monkeypox is something that you should be aware of. Unless you have known someone for a long time and trust them completely, you can’t be sure of the root cause of their symptoms by simple visual inspection. Since dermatologists say that testing is the only reliable way to distinguish between herpes and monkeypox, if you are meeting someone new on the Meet Positives herpes dating platform, we recommend that you get tested for monkeypox yourself and also insist that your potential partner do the same. This will keep both of you safe and start the relationship on a solid foundation of trust. We realize that it is already very hard to find someone understanding and caring enough to love you when you are STD-positive. Asking new partners to jump through this extra hoop can further dwindle your dating prospects. However, due to the speed at which monkeypox has become a national concern, here at Meet Positives we believe that now is a good time to exercise extra caution.”

Meet Positives was founded so that its members would never need to have “the talk” about their STD-positive status while dating. Today, it has become the fastest-growing STD community in the country. Several prominent online publications have also called the dating platform the “New Face Of STD Dating In The Country”. Meet Positives has won the Editors’ Choice Award from and was also voted the #1 STD dating site in 2019 in a survey of over 2000 US STD-positive singles.

Due to the stigma associated with STDs, those suffering from them must walk a constant tightrope between finding people to connect with, getting to know them, and waiting for the right moment to reveal the status of their condition. The partner can then either accept them for who they are, or they can choose to leave and the more the time passes between the first introduction and “the talk,” the harder it can be for both sides to part ways and move on.

Meet Positives has set up a baseline expectation for members of its platform that seeks to invite those with similar afflictions to openly express themselves in the hope of someday finding their soul mate. The platform has also become a hub for individuals to share stories about the struggles that they have faced in their lives due to their positive status to let others like them know that they are not alone.

Readers can sign up for the Meet Positives herpes dating platform by heading over to its website or downloading its Android app that is being currently offered on the Google Play Store in Early Access. Meet Positives also says that an iOS app for Apple devices is on the way and will be released to its members soon.


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