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Herpes Dating Website Gets Ready For Cuffing Season

US based is inviting their community to start looking for matches online as cuffing season approaches. While this is usually known as a period in which single people look for short term relationships to pass the colder months of the year, the platform says there is nothing keeping such relationships from becoming more serious as time goes on. may be best known as a dating website for people with herpes and other STIs, but their commitment to fostering long-lasting and fulfilling relationships extends far beyond simply introducing positive individuals to each other. The platform considers itself an excellent medium for people who are looking for true love as well as support for their respective conditions from a welcoming community, but it also acknowledges that many of the experiences people may have in romantic situations are universal in nature.

“Whether or not you have an STI, finding someone you feel compelled to spend all your time with can be difficult,” says “We are simply aware that having an STI can make the process even more difficult for most people. Therefore, we make it a point to remember that our members may face more issues than their STIs in the dating game. Fortunately, we are actively taking measures to help them overcome these hurdles.”

Cuffing season is generally considered to run between the months of October to March, culminating in Valentine’s Day. There are many theories for why this may be, from people simply wanting close human companionship during the colder months to wanting company during the holidays and even a response to seasonal depression and so on. Whatever the case may be, the result is millions of singles looking for someone to date, and it is no different in the herpes dating scene. explains that their algorithm takes a variety of factors into consideration when drawing possible matches, and this makes it a powerful tool that its members can use to find lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. However, there is little it can do to help if the individual in question has not even signed up yet, so the platform is encouraging positive singles to consider making an account on today in order to start the search for a significant other.

“Cuffing season is generally considered a period for relationships that end fairly quickly,” the platform remarks, “and while we don’t think there is anything wrong with this, we also remind our community that there is no rule that obliges them to do it. If you get into a relationship during this ‘season’ and find yourself wanting to continue it after Valentine’s Day, we believe that is exactly what you should do. We’re dedicated to helping our members find relationships they will treasure forever, and cuffing season is as good an excuse as any to start. If you are positive for an STI and have yet to give online dating a chance, you may wish to consider this the sign you have been waiting for. Visit, build your profile, and start looking for someone who shares your romantic goals.” See more here: Meet Positives Herpes Dating.

One of the main reasons works better than other platforms for individuals with herpes and other STIs is the fact that every member is open about their status. From the moment any two people connect through, they know that the other person is positive for an STI, and there is no room for judgment or even any need for an unpleasant conversation regarding their status (more commonly known among members as ‘the talk’). Essentially, they start off on the same foundation they would have had they not been positive, and the platform’s specialized algorithm goes a step further to help ensure they are compatible. is always ready to welcome new members who want to give dating a shot again after receiving a positive diagnosis for an STI. More information on dating while positive, research on cures and other updates can be found on the platform as well, and members may join in the general discussion at any time.


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