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Helice Prosthesis launches a new crypto token with medical services for invaluable investors

HÉLICE PROSTHESIS is a French company specializing in medical prostheses. Recently it has been launched as a new crypto platform with an innovative sales method using an ERC-20 token that can slash the price of medical prostheses.

HÉLICE PROSTHESIS is a French company that specializes in medical prostheses. It excels in manufacturing and providing the prostheses to the deserved ones. The company was registered with the Greffe du Tribunal de Toulon on 29/05/2019. 

As it’s seen as an urgent problem prevailing in the medical area, artificial limbs and organs are extremely expensive. The complexity of design and a high degree of customization make prostheses challenging to manufacture, keeping their prices high. Moreover, technological progress in this field is slow, which results in a significant number of deaths. It requires an urgent solution with innovation that is technological and a revolution in financing.

Thus, a unique and innovative solution devised by Hélice Prosthesis, using an ERC-20 crypto-asset, allows the price of medical technologies and prostheses to be reduced. In a recent development, Hélice Prosthesis has designed an innovative sales method using an ERC-20 token that can slash the price of medical prostheses. And NOT to be compared with crowdfunding, this sales method has the unique distinction of working with only ONE token. With any monetary creation that is strictly prohibited, the maximum supply is limited to and will never exceed one token.

Hélice has announced on its Twitter account that it is seeking patients in California to allow them to benefit from price reductions for organ transplant operations or orthopedic prosthesis. For its launch, Hélice will use its innovative sales method to cut the costs for patients in California having to undergo an operation for an organ transplant or fitting an orthopedic prosthesis. 

For guaranteeing complete transparency and trust, completion of the procedure will be certified by external auditors. The report will be made public. In November, this innovative approach allowed Hélice to bring down the price of the most advanced knee prosthesis globally (costing more than €107,000) for a 20-year-old amputee.

Indeed, time matters for everyone and Hélice price increases during the ICO depending on the demand for it.

Prospective clients and determined users who tend to invest in the noble cause are recommended to visit the website and connect with the community through Twitter and Youtube.

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