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Hawaii Travel with Kids shares comprehensive travel guides for busy parents.

Seattle mom Marcie Cheung shares her family travel expertise and kid-friendly Hawaii guide books with other families through her website Hawaii Travel with Kids.

Hawaii Travel with Kids is a comprehensive website covering the A-Z of travel in Hawaii, especially for busy parents traveling with kids. Established by Marcie Cheung, the website shares travel expertise and guide books to help people find Hawaii’s best places to visit. 

“We bring you the best restaurants, activities, adventures, hotel reviews, packing lists, cultural events, and more that everyone in your family will love.”

The Seattle-area mom has traveled to Hawaii close to 40 times and explains that traveling with family, especially kids, can be challenging. However, it becomes so much easier with the proper travel guides and information. With Hawaii Travel with Kids, the next Hawaii family vacation will go a lot smoother, and everyone will have fun.

Established in hindsight, Hawaii Travel with Kids has blossomed into an exhaustive source of things to do in Hawaii with kids. Marcie believes that Hawaii vacations should be memorable; that is why having a Hawaii itinerary is helpful. Hawaii Travel with Kids compiles several kid-friendly Hawaii itineraries. 

“I’ve created a few itineraries for the most popular islands in Hawaii that will take away the stress of travel planning so you can focus on just relaxing!”

The rapidly growing website has become a go-to for thousands of families planning their trip to Hawaii with kids. Find exclusive guides to Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii, all packed with things to do in these locations with kids. 

Marcie packs her travel guides to the islands with family-friendly activities, a 7-day itinerary, a downloadable map, best Hawaii resorts, best places to eat, budgeting tips, and more. “I’ve been to Hawaii more than 35 times, and I’ve learned some amazing ways to experience Hawaii on a budget.”

Most first-time travelers have many questions about their Hawaii vacation, and Marcie takes time to address each question through her blog and Hawaii planning tips. Hawaii Travel with kids covers everything, from essentials that must be packed, the type of sunscreen allowed in Hawaii, and what’s best to buy in Hawaii instead of carrying from home. “Find out everything you need to add to your Hawaii packing list that you probably are forgetting.”

Discover Hawaii through Hawaii Travel with kids as Marcie Cheung prepares people for their ultimate Hawaii trip.

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