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Growth without marketing – How Tensaga is competing with the apparel giants

Tensaga hails from Vancouver, Canada and produces premium-quality streetwear, inspired by Japanese culture. Created by Matt Bustamante, Tensaga is growing successfully without hefty marketing budgets.

Vancouver, Canada – Tensaga has proven that brands can succeed without having big marketing budgets. The strategy adopted by Tensaga is simple; use social media and micro-influencers to grow the brand. In the past two years, due to COVID, many fast fashion e-commerce brands have emerged. Tensaga, a Vancouver startup and a Japanese Streetwear brand is one such fashion apparel brand that is giving a hard time to such established brands. This Canadian clothing brand has been inspired by the art and culture of Japan, featuring illustrations of robots, samurais, and dragons.

Tensaga is growing rapidly and taking over social media with no significant marketing budget. The company is leveraging the power of social media and expanding its processes. The company is quickly becoming famous among the Asian-Candian community in Canada. That’s because of authentic art design and affordability. 

Founded by Matt Bustamante, a 26-year old Marketing Graduate, Tensaga is competing against expensive brands all over Canada. Matt shares how he started Tensaga by saying: “Most streetwear hypebeasts are aged 16-25, but the really popular streetwear brands aren’t affordable for young people, especially in Canada. I took the opportunity to take advantage of the Japanese streetwear aesthetic that was rising in popularity the past few years and started creating my own designs.” – Matt B.

He collaborated with local Canadian printers for printing the clothes, and micro-influencers for promoting the brand at a low budget.“The trick is to find micro-influencers, models, and generally popular” people in your city that wear your brand’s aesthetic in their everyday life. When your designs fit their “style”, they are most likely down to promote by clothing for free by wearing it in the content they post on their social media accounts.” – Matt B.

This tactic proved to be effective since he was able to find influencers who were genuinely interested in Japanese streetwear. Tensaga is now expanding to become an international brand and is planning to collaborate with small retail stores all over Canada.

About Tensaga: 

Tensaga is a Vancouver-based, Japanese-inspired streetwear brand that quickly rose to fame, despite having a small budget. Tensaga was founded by Matt Bustamante, a visionary who wanted to create a clothing brand that didn’t put a strain on people’s wallets. The company currently has an inventory of Japanese-style T-shirts and Sweaters.

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