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Gradient Beverages Launches New Range of Drinks Bridging Gap Between Regular Strength and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Calgary, Alberta–(Newsfile Corp. – September 23, 2022) – Gradient Beverages has launched a range of vodka sodas with gradually reducing alcohol content that give people a better level of control over how much alcohol they drink at social events. Available in three different flavors – cucumber mint, raspberry lemon and lime, the beverages have already proved to be a hit with consumers in Alberta and British Columbia, the company is in the process of expanding to other provinces in Canada.

Commenting on the firm’s innovative concept, John Eresman, co-founder of Gradient Beverages, “Our goal is to make drinking a lot more fun while consuming less. While alcohol can make people feel confident and relaxed in a social setting, overindulging can lead to loss of inhibitions, forgetfulness and terrible hangovers. Over the long-term, alcohol consumption can lead to conditions like heart disease, stroke, liver issues, mental health issues and addiction. At the same time, alcoholic drinks have always been a common element to social gatherings. With our range of vodka sodas that range from high to low alcohol strength, we provide our customers with access to cans that match their mood as the evening proceeds. They can start with a higher strength can, such as the 8% or 7%, and then ramp down as they continue socializing.”

Gradient Beverages launched its first product in late 2021. It was a six pack of vodka soda in gradually reducing alcohol strengths – 8% 7%, 6%, 4%, 3%, 2% alc./vol. The firm’s most popular product is a 4 pack that was launched in May 2021 and included 7%, 6%, 4%, 3% alc.vol. This pack size proved to be popular with retailers and customers as it could be conveniently consumed over the course of an evening by a single user, which is handy for use at parties.

In 2022, Gradient Beverages won the gold and silver medals for its cucumber mint and raspberry lemon flavors at the 2022 International Wine and Spirits Competition in London. The firm won the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2022, for its refreshing approach to product and package design.

Concluded John Eresman, “We set up the firm with the goal of creating a product for those, who like us, wanted to enjoy alcohol at social gatherings without regretting it later. After the pandemic, there has been a general increase in the health aspect of what we eat and drink. Our range of flavourful drinks give users a measure of control on a night out and also ensure they have a healthier relationship with alcohol. They are free of carbs, gluten and artificial flavours. With our drinks that are at different strengths, you can moderate your manner of drinking. The response to our products has been so encouraging that we are now testing other flavors like one for the festive season, cranberry ginger ale. We have committed to producing all of our flavors in a 0% option, so that there is truly something for everyone. We are also expanding into new markets. Considering that we have been in business for hardly a year, we have come a long way indeed.”

About Gradient Beverages

Gradient Beverages is the first company in the world to produce a range of gradually reducing vodka sodas. The firm offers drinks that are free of carbs, gluten and artificial flavorings and offer a happy medium between standard strength alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Email address: [email protected]

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