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Good equipment for muscle strength training – dumbbell

Dumbbells are a simple device for muscle strength training. Its main material is cast iron, and some are covered with a layer of rubber.

It is used for muscle strength training and muscle compound movement training. For patients with low muscle strength due to exercise paralysis, pain and long-term inactivity, hold dumbbells and use the weight of dumbbells to carry out anti resistance active exercise and train muscle strength.

Dumbbells can train a single muscle; If you increase weight, you need to coordinate multiple muscles. It can also be used as a muscle compound movement training.

It is an auxiliary equipment for weight lifting and fitness practice. There are fixed weight and adjustable weight:

1. Fixed weight dumbbells. Cast with pig iron, with iron bars in the middle and solid balls at both ends.

2. Adjustable dumbbell. Similar to the reduced barbell, the two ends of the short iron bar are covered with round iron sheets with different weights, about 40 ~ 45 cm long. The weight can be increased or decreased during weight lifting or fitness exercises. Often doing dumbbell exercises can enhance the muscle strength of all parts of the body.

In addition to iron dumbbells, there are wooden or plastic dumbbells. When practicing, use the knocking sound of wooden dumbbells or plastic dumbbells to cultivate the coordination and sense of rhythm of the practitioners. Wooden dumbbells can also be woven into a complete set of gymnastics performance.

Using dumbbells scientifically can really get good exercise results. Some materials say that Schwarzenegger’s strong muscles were mainly obtained through dumbbell exercise. However, many people do not increase their strength or become fit after exercising with dumbbells. They are often discouraged. Dumbbells are also put on the shelf and even become a substitute for hammers. In fact, dumbbell fitness is very learned. If not implemented, the effect of exercise will often be greatly disappointed.

Keeping practicing dumbbells for a long time can modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance. Often doing dumbbell exercises with large weight can make muscles strong, strengthen muscle fibers and increase muscle strength.

It can exercise upper limb muscles, waist and abdominal muscles. If you hold the dumbbell tightly at the back of your neck when doing sit ups, you can increase the load of abdominal muscle exercise; Holding dumbbells to do lateral flexion or rotation can exercise the internal and external oblique muscles of the abdomen; Straight arm front lift and side flat lift holding dumbbells can exercise shoulder and chest muscles.

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