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Golden Shiba launches IDO PRESALE of its meme token $GOLDSHIB.

Golden Shiba is a decentralized Meme Token. Recently, the company launched the exclusive IDO presale of its meme token called $GOLDSHIB. It also introduces the new strategies of how Golden Shiba offers passive income. With all these developing crypto features, GoldenShiba is evolving into a passive income ecosystem awaiting a bull run.

As a holder, people can earn $GOLDSHIB with high yields in the golden vault just by holding and staking $GOLDSHIB tokens. It generates a safe passive income method for its holders waiting for the spring of the bull market.

People can plan to participate presale to get some Golden Shiba on its upcoming IDO presale. It will start at 12 UTC on November 8th, 2022, and ends on UTC on November 11th, 2022. The tokenomics of $GOLDSHIB are as follows:`

Further details regarding IDO presale can be acquired on its Pinksale. Golden Shiba also provides a golden vault application to stake $GOLDSHIB and earn more tokens passively. After launch, people can still buy Golden Shiba on PancakeSwap. In addition to that, Golden Shiba is also releasing its airdrop campaign that will boost the performance of the token.

Golden Shiba focuses on buy and holds strategy as a long-term, passive strategy in which investors keep a relatively stable portfolio over time, regardless of short-term fluctuations. The success of buy and hold has been proven by historical data and is the preferred investing strategy of industry giants. 

Furthermore, Buy and hold is also favourable for investors without spending time researching the market. Like all investors, buyers and holders should use diversification to sufficiently protect themselves from risk. Therefore, the platform enables its holders to unstake $GOLDSHIB after the lock-up period. Holders need to hold and stake $GOLDSHIB, and then they can earn their $GOLDSHIB from the reward pool every day. The reward pool is distributed by a percentage of all holders $GOLDSHIB holdings. The more $GOLDSHIB users hold, the more daily rewards they can earn.

About Golden Shiba

Golden Shiba is a newly established crypto platform in the industry that facilitates its users’ passive incomes. It launches a decentralized meme token $GOLDSHIB and IDO presale in November. 

In addition, the golden Shiba project has been audited and KYC verified by an independent audit firm. People can also check the contract security online:

For further information, visit the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Channel | Github | Reddit | Medium | Facebook

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