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Golden Mice Aims to be the First DeFi Community-driven Project with Early Access to the Metaverse.

Golden Mice Aims to be the First DeFi Community-driven Project with Early Access to the Metaverse.
Golden Mice NFT project has a long-term roadmap commitment, which includes metaverse avatar wearables, clubhouse, and events in the Metaverse as well as IRL events. Holders will be actively participating in the critical decisions and direction of the project.

Golden Mice is launching a welcoming, inclusive, and family-friendly project that’s completely focused on creating long-term value for the holders. From great in-real-life (IRL) community events to metaverse events, along with burning systems to create scarcity and more value to tokens. 

What sets this project apart is that the community will decide on which direction it should go. Non-fungible-token (NFT) holders can help guide the direction of the project by voting on the specifics for future developments like burning systems, next collection drops, future games among other key decisions.

The Metaverse extended reality will bring a new world of opportunities to those that are willing to keep their minds open. A quick way to get to it is through NFT projects, like Golden Mice, that have their eyes set on the Metaverse, building its clubhouse on virtual land from Sandbox, or planning the production of skins and wearables for the future avatars that will exist in this new meta-universe. 

As the project is committed to creating real value for its holders, it has planned decentralized finance (DeFi) Beta testing for what would be the first NFT-based cryptocurrency to be released to the open market (like DogeCoin). One of their main milestones is profit redistribution between its holders, people will get passive income directly from the project’s royalties. Better yet, a “community wallet” will be created and stored on a separate Ledger for holders to decide what to do with it.

As described on their roadmap, the project has many activities prepared such as a  $10,000 gift to the lucky ones that find the Golden Cheese, access to ETH raffles, giveaways, treasure hunts, merch drops, physical NFT’s tokens, the development of Coinbase NFT Marketplace, etc. All these activities will be supported by cultural icons and public figures. This roadmap and more information can be found on their website and social media.

About Golden Mice

Golden Mice belongs to a unique collection of 11,100 hand-drawn and randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with each Mouse’s proof-of-ownership stored on the Ethereum network as an ERC-721 token. Its traits are programmatically produced out of 11 billion combinations, making each art different from the others. Each special Golden Mice trait illustration was carefully drawn by the talented hands of “Gabo The Artist”, an expert Hungarian cartoonist, and former Nickelodeon artist, making his debut in the crypto world.

From the mind of its founder George, a.k.a. “The Big Cheese”, the collection was planned with the help and guidance of “Mouse Genius” (co-founder of famous dogs and penguins NFT projects) to establish real value for its holders in the short and long term. The project founders believe that an NFT should go beyond its intrinsic value, it should provide to each holder profits in real life, benefits, rewards, and most importantly, solid plans for the future of this endeavor.

Media Contact
Company Name: Golden Mice NFT
Contact Person: George L.
Email: Send Email
Phone: (347) 921-3079
Country: United States

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