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Giulia Vazzoler, The Italian Pianogirl, Grows Ceaselessly with Her International Appearances

Giulia Vazzoler, The Italian Pianogirl, Grows Ceaselessly with Her International Appearances

ITALY – March 16, 2022 – Internationally acclaimed pianist Giulia Vazzoler based in Italy and fondly known as ‘The Italian Piano Girl’ has risen to become one of the most sought-after concert pianists on the international stage. A natural pianist with great talent and immense passion for music, Vazzoler’s work has often thrilled everyone and got straight to people’s hearts. Her phenomenal experience and appearance in concerts, music events, humanitarian projects, and most luxury venues have often led her to TV shows and radio broadcasts.

After winning the Preludio Talenti talent-show, broadcasted on EuroDigital in 2012, her career has taken new heights with successive tours in Italy (Milan, Turin, Genoa, Padua, Venice, Florence, Rome, Bari), Italy (Switzerland, Ukraine), USA (Dallas, Miami), Middle-East (Turkey, Palestine, Qatar, United Arab Emirates) and Afrique (Togo).

Giulia is recognised for her musical insight and performances with symphony orchestras. She bagged her diploma in Piano Performance in Venice and soon received various national and international awards.

Giulia’s unique performing style has won her critical acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

After starting her journey as a Pianist, Giulia has traveled to numerous countries to explore her symphonies. She is considered one of the great interpreters of instrumentalists and opera singers and has worked as an official accompanist for many festivals and competitions, performing with top musicians.

Known for her elegant personality, passion and excitement, Giulia Vazzoler enjoys a cult on Instagram and has driven numerous shows with her magical tunes. She says, “Catching the interest and being genuine is a classic way of adding magic to music.”

Apart from enjoying a solid background as a Pianist, Giulia is an active art director of cultural and music events. In 2008, she was awarded ‘The Italian Youngest Art Director’ by the University of Padua with “Il Risorgimento in Musica” music fest.

From 2010 to 2016, she was the art director of “Il Barbarigo all’opera”, an opera festival located in Padua and from 2015 to 2016 of Premio Contea, an international music competition, which is held yearly with up to 300 contestants from all over the world.

Giulia describes her entire journey so far as “mellifluous and incredible” which allows her to express everything within her.

During COVID, she captivated a large fanbase after her concert performance with opera singer Fabio Sartori in her hometown, Treviso, under the patronage of the municipality, of the major and of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

In 2020, she performed as an official artist of the Venice Carnival with her colleague, Lieta Naccari.  In the last few years, she has also approached pop music, performing virtuoso piano solo transcriptions of national and international hits in the most luxurious venues. She further made her debut in Milan’s luxury setups.

This year she hopes to be a protagonist at the many more prestigious international piano festivals and is currently enjoying her talents as Piano Professor at the Lorenzo Perosi Conservatory of Music in Campobasso.

Another noteworthy aspect is her influence on online platforms. With over 100000 followers and a glam appeal, she has successfully enthralled the interests of cosmetics, eyewear and clothing brands and helps them in efficient brand promotions.

About Giulia Vazzoler

Giulia is a Bachelor in Philosophy at the University of Padua and a Masters in Music and Sacrum at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. She has also bagged a Master’s Degree in Music and Performing Arts at the Universities of Padua and Venice. She is an international pianist, producer, cultural ambassador and educator committed to finding healing and connection through art. She’s also an accomplished art director and influencer in her field and toured extensively throughout Italy, Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Afrique for hundreds of concerts. Her music has appeared on TV and Radio shows.

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