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GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD Launches Its GIBXSWAP15's Initial Public Offering To Accelerate The Deployment Of Its New Investment Funds

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2021 / GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD, a leading trading and digital asset investment company provider, plans to launch GIBXSWAP15’s Initial Public Offering to accelerate new investment funds for crypto-enthusiasts.

GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD has launched the GIBXSWAP, which is the market’s best decentralized trading platform, focusing on mainstream cryptocurrencies. The goal of GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD for GIBXSWAP is to become the DEX platform’s gold standard. GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD aspires GIBXSWAP to be the market’s leading DEX platform for token exchanges. GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD is dedicated to adding real value, fairness, and innovation to decentralized finance through high-quality products and services. GIBXSWAP is a quick and secure way for anyone to exchange and earn tokens.

GIBXSWAP differs from other exchange platforms in that it returns transaction fees to users in the form of X tokens. The amount of fee returns is determined by the trading pair and the percentage of the trading volume. For instance, suppose you decided to exchange 1BNB for USDT, and the fee return for that pair is 100%. A transaction fee of 0.3 percent, or 0.003BNB, will be charged during this exchange. Once the transaction is completed, the system will immediately return the transaction fee in the form of X, proportional to the trading volume.

The value of “X” is equal to the trading volume of the decentralized exchange GIBXSWAP DEX. As a result, the greater the volume of GIBXSWAP transactions, the greater the value of “X”! At the same time, token holders have the option to sell “X” at any time to protect the long-term interests of early participants and GUSDTTM holders.

In the blockchain industry, there has never been a lack of vocabulary innovation, from an initial coin offering (ICO), an initial exchange offering (IEO), to an initial liquidity offering (ILO), which has recently gained popularity. So, what exactly is the ILO? What distinguishes it from previous ICOs and IEOs?

Let’s go over what an ICO and an IEO are. To participate in the early investment of a project, an ICO primarily uses mainstream currencies (such as BTC, ETH, and so on). The risk is that the project will fail or disappear or that the project’s tokens will not be available on the trading platform, causing investors to lose money.

The IEO, which gained popularity at the beginning of this year, was initiated jointly by the trading platform and the project party. It is a method of financing primarily through the trading platform’s platform currency. The main improvement is that the project’s tokens may not always be Defects on the trading platform under the ICO model.

In essence, whether it is an ICO or an IEO, it is a method of funding. The full name of ILO is Initial Lock-up Offering, and it refers to the exchange of airdropped coins through lock-up. From this vantage point, ILO is essentially a conditional airdrop method rather than a financing method.

So, how to participate in ILO?

1. Choose the farm you want to stake.

2. Click “Approve Contract.”

3. Click “Stake LP” and enter the number of LPs, then click “Confirm.”

4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

5. Done! You can click “View on BscScan” to view your transaction details

So, how will you receive LP and X rewards?

1. Choose the farm you want to claim.

2. Click “Claim.”

3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

4. Done! You can click “View on BscScan” to view your transaction details

Aside from that, the newly launched GIBXSWAP will enable liquidity mining, transaction mining, asset cross-chain functions, and the board of directors mechanism. The GIBXSWAP board of directors mechanism will be able to distribute “X” based on the proportion of locked positions by staking designated LP and a single currency. “X” will include a complete repurchase mechanism.

Every quarter, a portion of the GIBXSWAP platform profits will be used to repurchase and airdrop “X.” The repurchased “X” will be destroyed immediately, and the repurchase record will be made public as soon as possible. To ensure openness and transparency, users can query through the blockchain browser; the “airdrop” portion will be allocated based on the size of each pool, and then distributed based on the proportion of the locked position. To put it another way, “X” is a deflationary currency. With deflation and high liquidity, you can make money simply by holding the currency!

DeFi is having a good year in 2021. This has piqued the interest of investors. GIBXChange, of course, cannot be overlooked. The creation of GIBXSWAP was motivated by the realization that most traders face technical challenges when participating in DeFi. As a result, the operation team constantly adjusts and optimizes, resulting in a higher-quality investment experience for investors.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events and receive a free GIBXSWAP E-Book; click on the link below and fill out the form:


GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD is designed to provide our clients with an institutional-grade experience when trading global foreign exchange, digital assets, precious metals, energy, indices, and other hedging transactions. GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD’s mission is to serve as a gateway that connects the worlds of crypto assets and finance for investors, traders, and crypto enthusiasts. The GIBXC GROUP PTY LTD trading platform is supported by cutting-edge technology to facilitate efficient high trading volume. We prioritize our clients by providing a user-centric portal with state-of-the-art security and a streamlined user experience.

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