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General Magnaplate Upholds Commitment to Quality by Investing in Its Team

Leader in the surface enhancement industry has implemented new professional development initiatives throughout the last three years.

Jan. 4, 2023 / PRZen / ARLINGTON, Texas — General Magnaplate (Magnaplate) is a world leader in surface-enhancement coatings for metals and other substrates, improving the performance of metals from factory floors to outer space. Magnaplate prides itself on a continuous commitment to helping its leaders and associates develop and excel professionally. Over the last three years, Magnaplate has inaugurated multiple endeavors to optimize its talent, including leadership and professional development, industry standards classes, quality management, conference participation, customer experience teams, profit-sharing incentive plans, and new health and safety campaigns.

“As a family-run business, General Magnaplate knows the importance of investing in its employees,” says Chief Operating Officer Ashley Russo. “Employee development translates to quality products, improved customer satisfaction, and a workforce better positioned to give back to their family and community.”

The Magnaplate management team works with The Professional Development Group, founded and led by Shawn Kent Hayashi, an acclaimed team consultant and best-selling author. This collaboration focuses on facilitating growth, ability, and emotional intelligence. The workshops, consultations, and one-on-one sessions have improved collaboration among team members and communication with customers, leading to positive, lasting changes in performance.

Select Magnaplate employees have completed AS9100 and Nadcap root cause and corrective action classes. Consultants from these organizations help the company navigate ever-changing industry standards and provide guidance on compliance and audit preparation. The Magnaplate team spends dedicated time writing and modifying internal procedures necessary to comply with industry standards and deliver the best quality service. Additionally, Magnaplate has stayed on top of industry knowledge by regularly attending seminars and conferences, including the Electroless Nickel Conference.

Magnaplate has implemented Bluestreak™ workflow control and quality management system to improve the transparency of jobs and traceability. Bluestreak-trained employees can identify and analyze root causes and corrective action events.

To support improved outcomes, Magnaplate has established customer experience teams, which are built to streamline communication between inside and outside sales, as well as between customer service, order entry departments, and the customer. The organization has also enacted a profit-sharing incentive plan which issues quarterly bonuses to employees based on meeting quarterly goals. Magnaplate has begun new health and safety initiatives, too. The health and safety committee meets on a rotating schedule to discuss issues and propose solutions. Magnaplate has also rolled out new health perks like telemedicine, “HealthiestYou” campaigns, and concierge services to assist employees with claims.

These new programs and investments in the Magnaplate team have greatly increased success. Since implementation, Magnaplate has increased the number of parts processed, total sales value, and on-time delivery while decreasing the number of non-conforming parts. Employees express greater satisfaction with their jobs and feel empowered knowing their performance is integral to overall success. With this proof, Magnaplate looks forward to continued investment in its team to deliver the highest-quality surface treatments and customer service.

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About General Magnaplate Corporation:

General Magnaplate is both a pioneer and a world leader in the science of surface enhancement. Its surface-enhancement coatings have been engineered to provide metal parts and other substrates with corrosion and chemical resistance, super-hardness, and dry lubrication in harsh environments. What started in a small garage in New Jersey still exists as a family-owned business in Arlington, TX, employing 80 and emphasizing the importance of investing in bettering its staff. Now in its 70th year, General Magnaplate prides itself on premier customer service and long-lasting, cost-efficient, and reliable products.

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