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GARIMI’s Savory & Healthy Seaweed Variations for Your Dishes this 2023

MOKPO-SI, KOREA, December 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — GARIMI, a well-known nori (seaweed) manufacturer specializes in manufacturing the most flavorful, high quality, and healthy seaweed globally. As a source of many stores selling packed seaweeds, GARIMI provides a variation of seaweeds that most people enjoy!

One of many is their special Salted Laver Jaban Seaweed which comes in two varieties. The distinction can be uniquely observed by its packaging! GARIMI Salted Laver seaweed in a white packaging is mixed with an olive oil while the blue packaging is mixed with a natural olive oil meant for consumers that follows a strict diet. However, both have undergone GARIMI’s distinct process of making seaweed. One of GARIMI’s Salted Laver distinct features that makes many people love it is that it is roasted in over 300C temperature for 5 seconds, giving a crunchy mouthfeel. The seaweed is also made from carefully selected raw seaweed grown in the uncontaminated sea of the Southern coast, which gives an excellent taste and deep flavor unlike any other. It is also infused with strong perilla oil to provide an incomparable savory and gives a distinct deep and strong savory flavor. Lastly, the seasoned seaweed does not use any salt but rather a Korean salt – a healthy and not too salty seasoning.

Another popular variation of GARIMI’s seaweed is the Olive Oil Seaweed Lunch Box, from the name itself, mixed with a high quality olive oil. This seaweed has a neat and homely taste that comes from the olive oil, a key ingredient for healthy food in the Mediterranean. Unlike other oils that are extracted from other seaweeds, olive oil is squeezed from the olive fruit, making it natural and healthy. This seaweed is also crunchy, made from selected raw seaweed grown, not too salty, and convenient! It is packed conveniently in bite sized sheets, perfect as snacks and for travel! Unlike a full sheet seaweed product that requires cutting, the Olive Oil Seaweed Lunch Box is packaged in the perfect size.

GARIMI has always been passionate about creating flavorful seaweeds that are perfect for both home cooked meals and for gatherings! DISCOVER MORE about GARIMI.

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