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In 2015, Jodi Anderson Jr. and Dante Richardson, co-founders of Stooty Technologies, Inc were conducting their daily brainstorming session called “shooting in the gym”. These sessions were held at Auburn Correctional Facility – a maximum security prison in upstate NY. “Shooting in the Gym”, a Drake lyric from the popular hip-hop song “Stay Schemin” by Rick Ross, was about the young men getting out of prison and becoming successful tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

This was by far a pipe dream considering that both young men were teenagers when they committed their felony crimes, had gang affiliation on their rapsheet with Mac Balla Family a subset of the New York Bloods gang, and still were only in the beginning of their decade long prison sentences.

Deciding to focus on this new mission they left their mistakes behind them to beat all odds. Anderson and Richardson have pulled off the impossible according to statistics and are now doing it in the new Web 3.0 era of blockchain, A.I, and the metaverse with their startup Stooty Technologies, Inc.

Present-day, Anderson 29, and Richardson 28, co-founded a software startup with Deleon Alford, and Chiko Shire called Stooty Technologies, Inc. Built on blockchain technology, the Stooty platform allows creatives to monetize their skills, services, and spaces within the creative economy.

By building a blockchain ecosystem, Stooty helps users trade, build, and manage their creative resources. Stooty Technologies, Inc is currently valued at $100 million with advisors from Microsoft, Capital One, and marketing expert Darryl Cobbin. This year Stooty was invited by tech entrepreneur Andy Jacques, CEO of The Factory to join his Venture Studio.

Anderson and Richardson have been accepted into Stanford University’s Transforming Learning Accelerator by StartX to launch their second tech startup PipeDreamers, a Web 3.0 platform using gamification to connect at-risk youth to educational opportunities.

They are also involved in many social justice initiatives helping former incarcerated teens and men. Summer of 2021, Anderson signed a film production deal with global entertainment agency WME’s scriptwriter, Rachel Michiko, to produce a biographical film on his life story. The film production’s soundtrack will be produced by Anderson & Richardson.

Anderson is currently a Master’s student in Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, with a focus on education technology. He earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Stanford University as well. Anderson has worked for technology companies like KarmaBoard, MOJO Sports, CreateSafe, and Reddit. Anderson is fluent in 3 different languages English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. He is the Co-Founder and President of Stooty Technologies, Inc. Follow him on: Twitter @Jodieous2020, Instagram @Jodieous

Richardson attended University of Rochester, SAE Institute for Audio Technology, and is currently studying UX/UI Design at Bryan University. Richardson has worked for firms such as the Law Offices of Taheri & Todoro, M&T Bank, and Morgan Stanley. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Stooty Technologies, Inc. Follow him on: Twitter @dontayga, Instagram @the_dontayga

From Prison to Silicon Valley to Hollywood, the sky’s the limit. They have proven no obstacle is too great to stand in the way of their success. They are determined to cement their names among the greatest entrepreneurs of all time.

For more information please contact: Tori Campbell

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