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G95 Announces the Launch of the Sustainable, Biodegradable, Plant-Based “Oceanshield” Mask & Used Mask Return System

G95 Announces the Launch of the Sustainable, Biodegradable, Plant-Based "Oceanshield" Mask & Used Mask Return System
G95’s latest product reaffirms their commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

NEWNAN, GA, USA January 21, 2022 – G95 Inc. are thrilled to  announce the most recent addition to their G95 Gear Collection: The Oceanshield mask, available for both adults and children, combines our signature G95 style with lightweight biodegradable, plant-based materials designed for everyday use and comfort, and has excellent breathability.

6 years ago, long before the current pandemic, G95 started developing the world’s first sustainable & biodegradable single-use filtration product.


Pic: Man wearing a G95 Oceanshield, the world’s first plant-based, biodegradable face mask.

This past year after witnessing the environmental impact of COVID-19 pandemic related single-use petrochemical-based masks entering the marine environment, constituting an additional 4,680 to 6,240 metric tons of plastic pollution, we decided to create a bio-degradable, plant-based alternative. We also developed a unique return mailer to help us ensure that our masks do not pollute the environment, thus taking responsibility for the safe disposal of our product after its use by our customers. We also allow customers to return other brands masks in our mailers for safe disposal at no cost to the customer.

Pic: G95’s postage paid return mailer bag for customers to send their used masks back to the company.

At G95, we have made sustainability a core pillar of our business,” says Carlton Solle, Co-Founder at G95 Inc. “We are constantly seeking new materials and processes to minimize our environmental impact. Just in 2020 alone, an estimated 1.6 single-use billion face masks ended up floating in our oceans. They will take 450 years to break down into microplastics that create havoc in marine ecosystems. We were determined to not contribute to this ecological crisis and developed a unique return system for customers that is incentivized to persuade them to mail their used masks back to us.”


Pic: The G95 Oceanshield, the world’s first plant-based, biodegradable mask, is shown in production.

For more information on The Oceanshield and our G95 Gear Collection, visit

About G95

Co-Founded in 2017 by husband and wife team Carlton and Hazel Solle, G95 design and produce fashionable apparel with a proprietary built-in filtration material that protects against smoke, smog, pollution, allergens, colds, and viruses. The garments are washable and can be worn many times over without losing any protective filtration capabilities. All G95 Gear is sustainably manufactured from renewable, eco-friendly materials.

For more information about the company and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.




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