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From Buddy Pass to First Class: Allure Realty CMO, Gabriel Antonio makes an impressive splash with Netflix’s Selling Tampa

From Buddy Pass to First Class: Allure Realty CMO, Gabriel Antonio makes an impressive splash with Netflix’s Selling Tampa
By Georgia Slater

TAMPA – When Gabriel Antonio left Los Angeles 10 years ago, all he had was a flight attendant’s buddy pass, a suitcase, and what was left of a dream he’d spent half his life chasing zealously. He had no money, no rights to his award-winning music, and no idea what to do next. The city he’d worked so diligently to succeed in had left him with even less than what he came with, or so he thought. As the plane got even farther from the Los Angeles smog and skyline, he felt he got farther away from his dreams. When he returned to Tampa all he had was his pride and an entirely new drive for success, but that was all the music maven needed. From cleaning bathrooms, to topping billboards, and transforming businesses, Gabriel rebuilt what most would have seen as the end of their career, into the beginning of an entirely new territory of triumph.

With nothing but the determination he’d always known, the turntable DJ spun his situation into a journey of self-discovery, identity, and ownership that went far beyond the music.

This time, the city that he left all those years ago came to him. Gabriel is heading back to Hollywood as the marketing mastermind behind what critics are calling a global sensation, with the release of Netflix’s first all-women, all-minority, real estate show, Selling Tampa. With over 243 million viewing minutes, Selling Tampa is by far a hit show we never knew we needed and we’re completely obsessed.

“Im Not Just Back, I’m Back With Power.”

“Last time I landed there I just couldn’t help but think ‘wow, this was where I left and now, I’m back and I’m not just back, I’m back with power,” he shared.

Before there was marketing, there was music. Gabriel Antonio is known worldwide from his catchy tunes and memorable choruses that became an overnight success. 

“They fell in love with it and then next thing you know, 1 million views turned into 2 million views, 2 million views turned into 4 million views and now with over 100 million views. It was all over the internet,” he shared. “I Love The Way” featuring T-Pain continues to be Gabriel’s biggest record.

Gabriel gained the attention of some of the most notable industry leaders of that time like Uncle Luke, Pitbull, and Lu Diaz, who went on to become his producer at the Diaz Brothers label. With each experience, he learned more and more about how to navigate the dog-eat-dog industry. 

“The thing about the music industry is everybody wants credit; everybody wants a piece of the pie,” says Antonio.

For years Gabriel rose as best as he could through the industry, from Miami to Los Angeles, but as just a kid managing all of his own marketing, representation, and legalities, realized quickly that it wasn’t all it was cut out to be. However, he was determined that he was. Even after his record went gold, Gabriel was still fully managing himself and because he didn’t know any better, still hadn’t owned the rights to any of his music. This is a difficult reality of the music industry that he says plenty of other artists are forced to face, which is what would later inspire him to help them. 

“No one knew that I was gay…No one ever asked my sexuality. I was forced to make music that spoke about girls and spoke about women, when that really wasn’t who I was…It was as if they wanted me to be someone I wasn’t,” he shared. 

While Gabriel might have had some career changes, one thing that’s remained the same is his go-getter mindset, he decided to debut his marketing career by starting his own businesses. He launched The Neo Agency and Stream That Music, which helped act as a bridge to connect artists to their fans and to their music. His companies were audience driven and their marketing approach was unique, successful and way ahead of the time period. 

He says he’s grateful that through all of it, Sharelle Rosado was a supportive friend, so when she had the idea for Allure Realty, he knew with his marketing skills coupled with her vision, there was no better team to make her dream a reality. His decade of entertainment industry experience translated smoothly into real estate and what began as a real estate brokerage has transformed into a first of its kind empire, that emphasizes representation and through its diverse team, embodies strength. 

“Here we were, with this amazing show, Who would have ever thought that I would be a part of something so grand as Selling Tampa, a real estate show, with all minority women and someone as strong and powerful as Sharelle being at the helm of it,” he says. 

While Gabriel isn’t sure just what’s in store for him next, he says he still loves music and there’s a possibility he could be back in a recording booth soon. He also is grateful for other artists like Sam Smith and Lil Nas X, who have given a platform for the LGBTQ+ community to feel heard, represented, and understood. He says it’s a dream come true and if others can avoid feeling the way he did while he made music, then ultimately they’ve all succeeded. 

Through his experiences, Gabriel was able to develop his own sense of identity and bring that well-earned confidence and fortitude to the silver screen to help create a show like the world has never seen. As S.A Sachs once said, “hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams,” and his perseverance and upward mobility is truly a showcase of just that.

Gabriel also is a part of Sharelle Rosado’s newest venture, Allure Academy, an e-learning platform that specializes in helping real estate professionals get to their next level of excellence. With Gabriel sharing his secrets and tips on marketing and branding, this academy is definitely something worth checking out. With Selling Tampa lead stars, Juawana Colbert and Sharelle Rosado, the three are considered a triple threat bringing a new vision to real estate. 

By now you can assume Gabriel likes to keep us guessing. To stay up to date on his next move and to learn more about the musician turned marketing mogul, visit his website at and 

As for Selling Tampa, tune into Netflix now to watch the ladies of Allure Realty take on the hottest city on the market, Tampa, Florida. With no word yet on Season Two, we’re all hopeful and impatiently waiting.

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