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Founder of Become A living God, E.A. Koetting, Presents an Exclusive Interview and Video Tutorial on the Subject of His Company’s New Product Line

The video interview takes viewers behind the scenes of Become A Living God’s new line of Spirit Patron Boxes, courtesy of product line creator Jennifer Vatza and podcast host Aserial Krabat.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 18, 2022 / It is with great delight that E.A. Koetting, co-founder of the occult and new age spiritualist brand Become A Living God and prolific writer of all matters relating to magick, presents an exclusive interview and video tutorial intended to fully explore all facets of his company’s new line of Spirit Patron Boxes (also known as Patron Evocation Boxes). The interview, which is titled The Demon Box Collection – Black Magick Ritual Tools in a Box | Unboxing & Ritual Showcase/Tutorial, takes place between Jennifer Vatza of metaphysical self-care company Belladonna’s Botanicals, the product line’s creator, and Become A Living God Podcast host Aserial Krabat.

Early on in the interview, Aserial Krabat asks Jennifer Vatza what inspired her to create the line of Spirit Patron Boxes-essentially comprehensive kits containing all the materials needed for an individual to summon otherworldly entities and spirits. “I had been running my business since 2018. I had already been making ritual oils, I had already been making incense, flying ointments, Spellfire-things like that. It just seemed a natural progression for me,” she answers, elaborating, “I just started working with (these materials) and really enjoyed the process of it and bringing in the energy of the spirits that I was working with, and it kind of went from there.”

Further along in the video podcast, during the unboxing and tutorial portion, Aserial Krabat takes the time to address each individual item contained within a typical Patron Evocation Box, entreating Jennifer Vatza to explain what the items are, as well as their function. Regarding Belladonna’s Botanicals ritual oils in particular, Jennifer expounds on their many uses, saying, “With ritual oils in general, you’ll see a return to sender oil, a love spell oil, a money oil, and the same thing with any kind of spirit-oriented oils for dark odysseys and demons and stuff like that you can use (the ritual oils) in working with them.” She continues, describing the procedure by which she creates these oils. “These all have a carrier oil base, and that varies from olive oil or sunflower oil or fractionated coconut oil, and then the process is I take the corresponding herbs and fragrances and essential oils and I put them together. I usually make them in a Mason jar. I have it on low heat for awhile and let everything marinate, and within that process they are being magickally charged and activated.”

The entirety of the interview is available to be viewed here.

Those interested in learning more about Aserial Krabat are encouraged to further explore his YouTube channel, while those interested in learning more about Jennifer Vatza and Belladonna’s Botanicals are directed to that company’s official website. Anyone curious to learn more about E.A. Koetting or Become A Living God is encouraged to explore the brand’s official website.

About E.A. Koetting:

E.A. Koetting is the author of 18 books and the creator of more than a thousand videos on the subjects of religion, occultism, and new age spirituality. In his twenties, he penned eight books that would go on to become successful cult classics and foundational works in the field. In 2012, E.A. Koetting co-founded the project/company Become A Living God as a means to impart his accumulated knowledge and insight through video courses, video blogs, newsletters, books, and social media engagement.

About Become A Living God:

Become a Living God is an esoteric lifestyle brand headquartered in Nevada, but with participants and contributors located all over the world. It offers various products and services, some of which include educational courses, books and grimoires, consultations, readings, ritual services for hire, and magick items such as circles, flags, and talismans. Since its inception almost ten years ago, Become A Living God has garnered much attention and acclaim, growing to become one of the most recognized brands in the realm of occultism and new age spirituality.

Contact Information:

E.A. Koetting
Co-founder, Become A Living God
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-355-5545

SOURCE: Become A Living God

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