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Former Cybersecurity CEO Christian Espinosa Sheds Light on The Lack of Emotional Intelligence in The Tech Industry

With ‘The Smartest Person in The Room,’ Author Christian Espinosa aims to teach business leaders the importance of emotional intelligence and nurture it within their employees.

Former Tech Founder & CEO Christian Espinosa has published his book titled ‘The Smartest Person in The Room.’ He wants to convey that as technology rapidly evolves, the threat of cyber attacks grows all the more real. In fact, for any organization in the technology industry today, it’s not a matter of if a cyber attack will happen, but when. ‘The Smartest Person in The Room’ offers a unique solution to this crisis; a workforce that doesn’t just boast a high IQ but a high EQ as well.

Espinosa believes that communication and other soft skills will be more important than ever in the coming age of artificial intelligence and other such technologies. Smart technology is quickly sweeping the labor market. However, while it can replace our intelligence, it can’t compete with our capacity to connect on a human level.

Christian Espinosa hopes that business leaders will be able to implement his 7-step methodology, as elaborated in the book, to foster a workforce that isn’t just better employees but better people.

To quote an excerpt from the book:

“Total intelligence takes advanced people skills. It takes heightened awareness, a growth mindset, acknowledgment, and the right language. It means hyperfocus, empathy, and an infinite quest for improvement. This is not a journey for those who value comfort and the status quo. We’ve been following the status quo in cybersecurity for years, and it’s not working.”

Christian Espinosa is the founder and CEO of Alpine Security, a former Managing Director with Cerberus Sentinel, a white hat hacker, a certified high-performance coach, and a professor. He’s also an Air Force veteran and Ironman triathlete. In addition, Christian is a speaker, coach, and trainer in the Secure Methodology, helping make the most intelligent people in the room the best leaders in the field.

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