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For a brighter financial future, Frenzy Brands focuses on children’s investing education

In order to build a brighter future, it is essential for young adults to learn about the stock market and finance concepts.

Frenzy Brands is the company that was founded by Ahmed Alkabab, and it was started in the spring of 2015 by him and his fiancé, Marwa Hassan. Ahmed, a Yemeni immigrant, and Marwa, who was born in France, were looking for a way to teach their future kids to save money. They spoke with their friends and coworkers about starting a company that would encourage people to become financially savvy. After months of research and meetings, their company’s mission was to teach children across the nation the fundamentals of starting their own business and investing in their futures. Frenzy Brands is focused on teaching kids about financial literacy with a fun and engaging way.

A company started specializes in teaching children about how the stock market works. The courses are designed to be an approachable introduction to many key concepts that people working in finance need to know, and it also utilizes a gamified component that encourages students to continue learning through investing in a stock market game with selected brands reflecting real market prices.

It has been developed with an intention to influence, empower and strengthen children’s investment skills from an early stage. The first course on stock market investing that is available is called Frenzy 101. It is designed for ages 6 and up and includes stock market basics, how a company starts, how to invest through buying and selling, through its stock market game where students can buy and sell stocks. Frenzy 101 is designed to introduce students to the world of investing, and it is also intended as a starting point for those who want to pursue more advanced concepts in the future.

The second course to be launched on the stock market investing is called Frenzy 201, which is designed for ages 9 and up. This course covers trading strategies, options, real estate investing, and cryptocurrencies.

Frenzy 101 was launched in December 2020 and it has been recognized as an excellent online education platform for beginner investors. Students use a virtual portfolio to invest in stocks that are actual companies traded on the NASDAQ. The purpose is for students to learn about important aspects of the stock market, like buying stocks when they are priced low (called “buying low”) or selling them at an opportune time (called “selling high”). Follow the news and trends of stocks to learn how companies will perform over time. Students are guided through the course with animated characters and videos that explain important concepts in a fun and entertaining way.

Students are able to make strategic decisions in purchasing or selling stocks. They get to experience the effect of these decisions and understand how their portfolio performs over time.

Frenzy Brands has been launched for the purpose of offering children the opportunity to learn about finance and company performance. The company offers an engaging educational platform, a game titled “Frenzy Stocks”, and other educational tools that help children make sound decisions over time.

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