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Flexitank Market Worth USD 1791.5 Million by 2027 – Research Report with Top Players, Regional Analysis, Opportunities and Challenges

Global Flexitank Market is valued at USD 514.8 Million in 2020 and expected to reach USD 1791.5 Million by 2027 with a CAGR of 19.5% over the forecast period

The Flexitank Market report aims to provide a holistic understanding of current and future growth. The research report highlights global volume of sales, momentum of sales, key trends driving sales, and strategies to open new opportunities. This concrete quantitative analysis aims to arm new investors with a clear understanding of the total size of the global Flexitank market, and the key dynamics that govern its growth. This report can be specifically tailored to meet the research requirements of a syndicate to inform a broader public, or to meet key business growth objectives. Each research report created by the Brandessence team consists of 15 research experts with many years of practical experience in their field. And, a specialized research tool to help them achieve their goals, Brandessence aims to provide independent analysis of different markets. To provide easy-to-understand and dynamic analysis

This report is a tool for global companies to enter new territories. Invest in new parts Understand consumer response Explore global competition Finally, a smart investment. Reports can also be used to educate the wider public. This tool is ideal as a tool for building relationships between team members through transparency of business goals. Setting goals related to the SWOT analysis of the company.

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Rising demand of food-grade liquid and pharmaceutical liquids, less installation and loading time, and fewer number of operators requirement are anticipated to drive the growth of Global Flexitank Market.

Top Key players in the report:

Some major key players for Global Flexitank market report cover prominent players like Environmental Packaging Technologies, MY FlexiTank, Qingdao LAF Packaging, Braid Logistics U.K. Ltd., Bulk Liquid Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Büscherhoff Packaging Solutions GmbH, KriCon Group BV, Yunjet Plastics Packaging, Trans Ocean Bulk Logistics Ltd., TRUST Flexitanks and others.

Segmentation Analysis of Global Flexitank Market

By Type:

  • Multilayer Flexitanks
  • Monolayer Flexitanks
  • Bilayer Flexitanks

By Application:

  • Food
  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial Products
  • Wine and Spirit
  • Pharmaceutical Goods

Flexitank Market Scenario

Flexitank is fundamentally an enormous size fluid container which is utilized for moving fluids from one place to another in a safe way. It is a liquid storage container made from flexible material such as polyurethane. Number of layers of polyethylene are used to make flexitank. The external piece of the fluid container is covered with polypropylene. These layers come with pumps and valves which make them waterproof and airproof. 

As per the transporters which transport fluid items in an enormous sum it’s helpful, incidentally, to be reasonable and safe. The bundling of the flexitank is done in an enviro-friendly way and it is utilized at a time. The Flexitank was developed by the U.S. military to store and move water and diesel fuel during the 1960s. Flexitanks are broadly used for food-level items like edible oil, natural product concentrates, refreshments and non-dangerous compound transportation because of protection against pollution. As the sacks are dispensable, there is no cleaning cost when utilizing flexitanks.


DHL Unveils New Transportation System for Safe and More Affordable Bulk Liquid Transportation

January 27th, 2021; DHL Global Forwarding has announced the launch of a new bulk liquid transporter solution, a system of Flexitanks called DHL Reefertanks. The DHL Reefer Tanks are requiring temperature control in the United States, however can be used in any country that sees a requirement for this new item. The new DHL Reefer Tanks are essential for DHL Global Forwarding’s main goal to give care in the end-to-end delivering process, in accordance with boosting item volume moved and giving clients a more cost-effective transport arrangement. Three-tank framework developed in association with provider Liquitank Solutions to transport mass fluids like citrus juice which require temperature control while transporting. In Mexico a new system is being used to ship any non-dangerous mass fluid.

Global Flexitank Market Dynamics:-

The major factors driving the growth of the global flexitank market are increasing demand for the global intravenous flexitank market. Rising demand for food-grade liquid and pharmaceutical liquids are also supplementing the market growth. Flexitanks are generally used in food grade items like malts, consumable oil and organic product concentrates refreshment. It gives high effectiveness alongside protection against contamination with non-hazardous chemical transportation. 

And most of the Flexitanks are disposable, and thus there is no related cleaning cost as on account of tank holders and barrels. This reduces the item contamination risk. In addition, less installation and loading time has been playing a key role in driving the flexitank market for the last few years. Furthermore, flexibag disposal and assurance also increases the demand of the flexitank market. After release of the flexibag, the linings and all auxiliary hardware will be taken out from the holder and securely disposed or reused for other use as concurred between the transporter and the recipient, as per nearby guidelines. Utilized flexibag material isn’t expected for reusing in flexibag manufacturing because of possible quality issues. 

However, lack of necessary equipment, lower durability and leakage due to excessive force may hamper the market growth. In spite of that, flexitank are cost effective, eco-friendly and light weight can offer more opportunities for the further growth of the flexitank market.

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Table of Contents:

Global Flexitank Market Research Report

Chapter 1: Global Flexitank Industry Overview

Chapter 2: Global Economic Impact on Flexitank Market

Chapter 3: Global Market Size Competition by Industry Manufacturers

Chapter 4: Global Production Revenue (Value) by Regions

Chapter 5: Consumables (Production), Consumption, Exports, Imports, Geography

Chapter 6: Global Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend, Product Type

Chapter 7: Application-Based Global Market Analysis

Chapter 8: Flexitank Chain Market Industry Value

Chapter 9: Flexitank Market Chains, Sourcing Strategies and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10: Strategy and Core Policies Distributors/Suppliers/Traders

Chapter 11: Key Economic Indicators by Market Vendor

Chapter 12: Analysis of Market Effect Factors

Chapter 13: Global Flexitank Market Forecast Period

Chapter 14: The Future of Markets

Chapter 15: Appendix

Substantial research & development activities carried out by some players that comprises offering training to covering recent information on new technology, materials and techniques to innovative practice solutions, will complement the market growth is also explained. Frequent technological advances, superior portability, and ease of handling for Flexitank are boosting adoption in home and alternate care settings as well. Furthermore, nonprofit and government initiatives, and awareness programs, and an influx of funding for research studies have positively influenced developments within the industry.

Key Benefits for Global Flexitank Market Report:-

  • Global Flexitank market report covers in-depth historical and forecast analysis.
  • Global Flexitank market research report provides detailed information about Market Introduction, Market Summary, Global market Revenue (Revenue USD), Market Drivers, Market Restraints, Market Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, and Regional and Country levels.
  • Global Flexitank market report helps to identify opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Global Flexitank market report covers an extensive analysis of emerging trends and the competitive landscape.

Thanks for reading this article. You can also get chapter-by-chapter report versions, such as North America, Europe or Asia, or regional versions.

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