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Fine jewelry brand AUMIKA sets the bar with their range of unique jewelry pieces

Unique jewelry and show-stopping diamonds are the highlights of AUMIKA’s fine jewelry pieces.

Say it with jewelry. From weddings, engagements, gift ideas, and even accessories, jewelry pieces have been perfect for any occasion for decades. Most people don’t know how much work goes into crafting, designing, and pricing diamonds and other gemstones before they’re ready for the market. With jewelry being among the strongest fashion statements, AUMIKA invests a lot of time and effort to ensure their pieces meet and surpass client needs.

Fine jewelry has been a great interest of Tilak Kumar, the founder of AUMIKA, for as long as he can remember. He explains that his jewelry journey has taken him worldwide to study Diamond Cutting, Polishing, Grading, jewelry Designing, crafting, Gemstone Mining, and Sourcing. In those long years, the knowledge he has acquired helped him establish a Fine jewelry brand that is setting the bar with its show-stopping pieces.

In his efforts to bring transparency to the fine jewelry industry and kickstart his business, Tilak founded Arun Gems International (AGI) back in 2008 when the stock market crashed. He has since built his company up to the now recognizable AUMIKA brand.

Tilak, who describes himself as a fine jewelry sourcing agent, established AUMIKA to become a go-to for client needs due to his extensive knowledge in the industry. AUMIKA specializes in a range of fine jewelry pieces. “We work hard to ensure that all our products are top quality products. We deliver 100% natural diamonds, every single diamond above 0.30Cts is not only GIA Certified, but they are also hand picked and visually inspected to make sure they are beautiful, durable and hold on to value. Crafted in the US and ready to ship anywhere in the US and Canada. We also offer financing with no credit check, a certificate of authenticity is issued and complimentary luxury gift packing,” says Tilak Kumar.

Tilak explains that with jewelry bearing such a hefty price tag most of the time, AUMIKA is making unique cutting-edge jewelry pieces accessible to all. Their range of financing options makes it easy for clients to choose what they’re most comfortable with.

Speaking about the brand as a whole and what the next big project is, Tilak says, “As a brand, we will be focusing on three areas, ready to ship products, knowledge and custom jewelry.” AUMIKA has announced that their unique Fine jewelry pieces with diamonds and gemstones, save for those marked with AGI, are readily available in stock for ready-to-ship products. Their website boasts of a range of jewels from gemstones to gifts for loved ones, engagement rings, wedding bands, and so much more to come.

To get their clients acquainted with their work and fine jewelry, Tilak will be sharing his Fine jewelry knowledge and expertise to educate others on the industry. The brand has also actively engaged its clients and audiences through social media platforms.

Understanding that their jewelry pieces are unique and valuable, AUMIKA has partnered with Zillion, a renowned jewelry insurance provider with worldwide coverage for jewelry insurance. Tilak notes that AUMIKA is committed to ensuring that clients have protection for their unique pieces.

Put together, AUMIKA’s vision is just beginning to take off. Tilak hopes to better the industry by offering valuable information and expertise to others in the industry as well as helping people gain a renewed interest in gemstone and diamond jewelry.

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