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Finding Peace with Food – Tracy Desjardins Shares Essential Diet and Health Tips for Women in Newly Released Book

Waitsfield, Vermont, USA – September 19, 2022 – International Health Coach, Fitness Professional, and Author, Tracy Desjardins has now released her new book, The Diet-Free Diva: 5 Steps to Freedom With Food-Body-Self on Your Trusted and Sustainable Terms. Her new book changes people’s perception of diets and restricted eating, while helping them attain their health and fitness goals easily. Helping readers assess their relationship with food, Tracy assists them through a truly transformative health journey.

The Diet-Free Diva is a highly adaptable and comprehensive book. While it can be beneficial for all readers, it is specifically targeted at women who struggle with restricted eating, binge eating, or a vicious cycle of both. According to the author, one’s relationship with food and dieting is a strong reflection of their self-image and their emotional connection with their body. In this book, Tracy shares her own struggles with food, body, and self while providing highly effective tools and techniques that can help readers understand dieting and health from a different perspective. The book helps each reader identify their personal relationship with food, in order to gain clarity on the problems and take active steps towards overcoming these problems and challenges for good. The culmination of her techniques is what Tracy calls one’s Best Diva Self. With this book, she wants to help every reader attain their Best Diva Self with sustainable health practices and a new, nurturing relationship with food.

Tracy Desjardins is highly proactive about helping women overcome their limiting beliefs when it comes to emotional eating, food restriction, or binge eating. After being a Certified Fitness Professional with ACE (American Council on Exercise) for over 30 years, Tracy began to notice consistent patterns of struggle with her female clients and their relationship with food, body, and self. She then transitioned into providing holistic coaching for women. Ever since then, not only has she defeated her own limiting factors and started a journey towards true health, but she has also developed techniques that help women accomplish their goals. The Diet-Free Diva is deemed a must-read for women of all ages and from all walks of life.

Tracy’s main objective with her work is to help women-on their own terms-find peace with food and their bodies. She is a Mind Body Eating Coach (Institute for the Psychology of Eating), while also being a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (ACE). Tracy Desjardins is available for interviews.

The Diet-Free Diva: 5 Steps to Freedom With Food-Body-Self on Your Trusted and Sustainable Terms is now available on

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