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Finance Lobby: a revolutionary digital marketplace for commercial real estate deals

Changes in business paradigms across multiple industries have driven the emergence of e-commerce and online marketplaces, fueled by the recent shift to a more aggressive digital presence.

Taking businesses from physical to digital has increased efficiency by focusing again on supply and demand as a base economic principle, facilitating a more seamless interaction between the parties involved, streamlining the transaction process, and removing unnecessary roadblocks.

Finance Lobby, the most successful online marketplace for commercial real estate finance, benefits borrowers, brokers, and lenders.

The company has created a CRE Financing Marketplace that connects brokers, borrowers, and lenders across the complex and fragmented landscape of commercial real estate financing. This significantly decreases the time brokers spend searching for the right lender, lenders devote to looking for the right deal, and both parties forgo weeks of wasted time on mismatches.

Finance Lobby enables Commercial Real Estate (CRE) professionals to say goodbye to endless calls, extended negotiations with different lenders, and even dead ends. For too long brokers, lenders and borrowers have had to suffer through a seemingly endless process as they try to facilitate financing.

Brokers get the terms that matter to their borrower clients, and lenders get to review every deal posted on the site. In as little as 90 seconds, brokers can sign up and propose finance deals with all the information lenders need to assess an application. And because the uploaded deals contain all the required data, lenders are able to focus on the ones that are worth their time and efforts.

Finance Lobby also provides a free, full-access account for the lenders until they close their first deal.

Find your perfect match with this deal-matching platform

Online shoppers want the best deals for the product they’re looking for. E-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay make it simple by listing the brands, products and deals so users can find what they want with a quick search.

Finance Lobby takes the same approach for the commercial real estate finance industry.

In this scenario, brokers and lenders are just like customers buying online, and property deals are the products they can choose from.

Finance Lobby set for exponential growth

Finance Lobby’s efficient process guarantees higher closing rates resulting in enthusiasm felt in the market; over 2,000 lenders signed up for the marketplace in 2021 alone.

The founders have successfully taken advantage of the new B2B paradigm and geared up a traditional industry to thrive online. Over the next decade, Finance Lobby could well become an iconic name in the CRE industry.

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