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Female Entrepreneur and Certified ActionCOACH Julie Seal-Gaustad Offers Mentoring To Business Owners

Julie Seal-Gaustad, a certified ActionCOACH business coach from San Diego, California, is helping small business owners increase their revenue, boost their profits, get more time for themselves and their families, and find and retain a more productive, engaged team. ActionCOACH is a global franchise that is considered by many to be the business coaching industry’s most innovative company.

Julie recently spoke about the value she adds to small business owners through her ActionCOACH mentorship programs by saying, “As a former elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur and now business coach, I’m proud to say that, I’m living proof that working with the right business coach can help you turn your business into a vehicle for the life you want. We help business owners develop the skills, knowledge, and systems that improve their current business and any future business ventures – once you know how to run one business successfully, you can run any business!.” She continues, “We help our clients develop clearly defined goals, and provide tools and resources to implement actionable strategies and tactics so they can focus on and prioritize what is truly important to their success. As coaches, our insight into your business will be from the point of view of an independent business person outside of your industry. Many times we connect with business owners who cannot see the forest through the trees because they have been in their industry so long. Our independent perspective helps prevent costly missteps while improving opportunities for success.”

Julie started her first company, an experiential marketing firm, as a solopreneur with one client in San Diego, while juggling a full-time marketing and communications job, and earning a Master’s degree. She eventually quit her full-time job and went full force into her business. Though her revenue steadily grew, having no prior business experience, she was overwhelmed with the demands of running the business. She knew her business could do better, and she knew she needed the tools and knowledge to be able to get it there. She was introduced to an ActionCOACH and committed herself to a business growth plan, with her coach by her side. In working with her business coach, her sales, profits and team doubled year over year, all while expanding nationwide and winning multiple awards. In fact, within just 18 months of working with her ActionCOACH, she hit 7 figures in revenue.

Eventually, she overhauled her business model and handed the reins of selected parts of the business to 3 distinct departments, each led by an experienced professional she promoted from within. This allowed her to work on her business just 3 days a week, turning her million-dollar business into passive income. When the company attracted interest from buyers, she sold the company to focus on becoming a coach to enact her passion for helping other business owners build a business that gives them more time, money, freedom, a better team, and better life.

Julie currently offers 4 targeted coaching programs that were created with the business owner in mind. The 1-to-1 Coaching program is an accelerated growth package that includes individual bi-monthly coaching sessions, free registration to the firms’ GrowthCLUB 90-day planning workshop, access to the firm’s Members Resource area, and unlimited support between sessions. She also offers small-group coaching that involves bi-monthly sessions with up to 4 business owners, with unlimited support between sessions. This program is great for those who want to build community and learn from other business owners. Her start-up group coaching program, AdvisoryCLUB offers weekly group coaching sessions, with a focus on business education, as well as coaching on challenges and activities specific to new businesses. Finally, ActionCLUB is a 14-week intensive business re-education program that includes seven 2.5-hour sessions of live training, targeted weekly action steps, and a maximum of 12 business owners. Each program includes virtual or in-person sessions.

When asked about what separates the services offered by ActionCOACH from other consultants, Julie says, “Working with a business coach is not like taking a tylenol for your business – it’s not a quick fix for your symptoms. Instead, it’s like taking daily vitamins for your business – keeping your business healthy, developing the business owner to own a business, not a job. Just like great athletes are surrounded by advisors and coaches, business coaches help owners develop a winning game plan for their businesses. Being an ActionCOACH is unique because we work with business owners on all areas that impact their business success – time management, team building and recruitment, finance, sales and marketing, systems, personal development, and more. Most importantly, we focus on driving home the value of freedom. Our 6-step approach creates a path where each business’s foundation will be made strong so that its growth will be sustainable and profitable.”

Readers can contact San Diego business growth strategist Julie for further information at (619) 361-8501 or Interested small business owners can also send her a direct message using the contact form on her company’s website at


For more information about JSG ActionCOACH, contact the company here:

Julie Seal-Gaustad
(619) 361-8501
San Diego, CA

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