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ExtractoDAO Creating A Better Future With Stable DeFi System, Smart Contracts, And Cow Coins Which Can be Converted into USDT, USDC, BUSD, And Other Cryptocurrencies

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation offering its members the autonomy to govern assets, voting power, and the ability to print their currency at the end of the contract.

ExtractoDAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, also known as a Decentralised Autonomous Corporation, with only one ambition to create a shared purpose within society. ExtractoDAO believes in breaking barriers. This is why they want to shatter the social stratification concept by replacing it with ad single decentralized system. Decentralized food production and commodities are one of the company’s aims. Their goals are to end food hunger, establish food security in every community, and stop malnutrition which is highly prevalent in third-world countries. ExtractoDAO does not want to harm its participants. That’s why the company has a stable decentralized food production system that keeps generating fair revenue for all its members and investors.

ExtractoDAO also has a decentralized private property system which ensures that a collective entity owns the property of all participants. The property is shared among all the participants, with each member owning multiple worldwide assets. This way, it helps reduce exposure risk to an individual members’ property. Before beginning the journey at ExtractoDAO, there are three important terms which every potential participant should know. Ballasted on the participant’s capital, Cow Coins are stablecoin that can be printed into USDT, BUSD, and other currencies, at the completion or the termination of the smart contract. Bull Token is the governance token that gives liberty to the participant to vote. Finally, Extracto@ is the smart contract provided to the members when they cooperate with the company on commodity production.

At ExtractoDAO, participants can safeguard themselves against the volatile crypto market by managing their structured smart contracts. They can also avoid tokens that are without ballast. Hence, participants can reduce risks and hedge their revenue and properties at ExtractoDAO farms. The platform also allows all its participants to end their contracts anytime without hassle. ExtractoDAO is the only DeFi platform not generating profit from token transactions. By accessing their drawers, participants can trade their stored smart contracts before the date of expiration.

The smart contract, Extracto@, allows the participants to gain a wide array of products offered to specific traders and institutions. One of the benefits of having a smart contract is that the participants can learn the ways of the crypto market while not getting directly affected by it. The voting power is managed in kilograms ranging from 0.001 kg to 5 kg. The participant with the highest range has higher voting power. ExtractoDAO offers a hybrid license to those participants who have higher bull tokens. This offers extra perks to the participants and increases their reputation in the market. 

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