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Exotic Sumatran coffee by Seattle entrepreneur

Seattle coffee lovers will soon be able to fill their cups with new choices for gourmet coffee that have never been tasted in America before. Since moving from Indonesia to Seattle, local entrepreneur Cintha Putri has missed savoring the rich coffee flavors she’d enjoyed in her home province of Aceh, Sumatra. For the past year Putri has worked to find and secure fair trade deals with a women-owned coop in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia to bring those memorable coffee flavors to her new home. Cintha Putri is ready to give Seattle and coffee lovers everywhere a coffee experience that it’s never enjoyed before! 

On her inspiration for building her new company, Putri Coffee, Cintha Putri said, “I had a hard time finding coffee that had the special flavors that I used to drink in Aceh, so I decided to bring my own specialty coffee to Seattle. I want to share the smooth, Arabica coffee I had enjoyed in Aceh and the island of Sumatra with other coffee connoisseurs.”

Putri Coffee offers two highly unique coffees. The first is wild luwak coffee, one of the rarest types of coffee in the world. The coffee beans are harvested from the droppings of wild civets that visit the farms and eat the coffee cherries. The selective behavior of the cat-like animals, as well as the processing of the beans through their digestive systems, gives luwak coffee an exceptionally smooth taste.

If luwak coffee isn’t the thing, the company also offers a wine specialty coffee. Named after its long fermentation process, the coffee is free of alcohol, but high in caffeine and rich in coffee flavor. To produce their signature flavor, the beans are left inside the fruit for up to 40 days to ferment – the longest fermentation time ever seen for coffee in the U.S. market. “It takes extra passion, work, time and dedication to produce coffee like this, but it delivers some of the best gourmet coffee in the world and so is worth the effort,” said Cintha Putri.

Exotic and luscious coffee beans aren’t the only thing special about Putri Coffee. Cintha Putri is making waves of positive change by supporting women in the Indonesian province of Aceh. To source the beans for her company, Putri made a deal with Sumatra’s only women-owned cooperative, which consists of 1040 households and 70% female farmers. It’s Putri’s hope that the organic, fair trade coffee not only makes a splash in the Seattle coffee scene, but also supports the hard-working farmers back in her home province. “By buying our coffee, our customers will help our farmers to grow, to support their families and to help their children to get a better education,” said the business owner.

Cintha Putri has big plans for how her brand can make a difference in protecting animals. “As our business continues to grow and expand as planned,” she said, “I will support organizations in their work to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia, where endangered Sumatran tigers, as well as elephants, rhinos and orangutans still roam in the wild. I have a passion to want to protect these animals in their ecosystems, and I have the same passion to want to help groups that rescue and protect dogs and other domestic animals in my home country from mistreatment.” More specific information on how we can make a difference in helping animals when buying Putri Coffee will be provided on their website.

Starting on July 15, 2021 they are pre-launching the business and taking first orders to make the product available to our business partners and some lucky consumers to test the product and increase visibility. Seattle coffee lovers and coffee lovers throughout the world will be able to find Putri Coffee’s gourmet coffee at PutriCoffee.Com. Their wild luwak coffee will be available as whole roasted beans, and their wine coffee as whole and ground roasted beans, as well as in K-Cups. The first 200 online customer orders beginning on the launch date will receive a free French press with their order!

Coffee roasters, and retailers are also invited to contact the company at for information on their green beans program and ordering Putri Coffee’s products. For retailers and online customers, their beans are roasted often in small batches, so your orders will be completed and delivered fresh. 

Putri Coffee’s Mission: “As a local Seattle area start-up company, we want to bring our unique, exotic coffee flavors from our beautiful homelands of Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia to America and to enrich the Seattle coffee scene while expanding across the globe and then taking the benefits of our success to support Indonesian community coffee farmers, children and endangered animal species.”

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