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Exhilarating Rock Music That Makes the Audience Ecstatic: The Silvers Release A Hit New Album Sure To Pull Crowds

Exhilarating Rock Music That Makes the Audience Ecstatic: The Silvers Release A Hit New Album Sure To Pull Crowds
With their newest release, ‘Oceans’, The Silvers deliver relatable music that regales the audience with tunes that provide them with solace in hard times

The Silvers is a new up-and-coming band that produces music that comes straight from the heart. Their new album is known for taking the listeners on a journey of self-reflection by targeting emotions that everyone else feels with ease and finesse. It is this type of music that makes the audience both think and feel in a way that rock music just doesn’t anymore. The band has worked diligently to elevate this musical genre by making it all-encompassing, pushing the bounds of what can be included and what cannot.

This rising new band is the passion project of Dain Bedford-Pugh on guitars and vocals, Carl Upthegrove on drums and percussion, and Mick Orton on bass, piano, and vocals. These individual musicians have cumulatively used their creativity and drive to produce music that they feel belongs most honestly to themselves.

By delving into the rock genre they continue to show the ease with which they can translate raw thoughts and emotions in an extremely charged-up musical genre; a genre where emotions always come out in the most unregulated way.

‘Oceans’ is a collection of eleven multi-dimensional songs, each of which deals with a specific subject matter. Songs such as “You Know You Had It Coming”, “Meant for Great Things”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Time Slips By” all have hauntingly beautiful quality and depth to them.

The songs are reminiscent of thoughts, emotions, and circumstances that have long been forgotten. They ache for those that were lost and those that were gained but not valued. The eclectic musicians wish to carve through this complex web of emotions with immense sensitivity.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube, Spotify, and the website at this link Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through their email [email protected]


The Silvers were formed in 2014 after Silver Laughter was inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame for their work in the 1970s. This has formed the core inspiration for the band, driving them to create music that is reminiscent of forgone times. Since then, the band has been dutifully committed to producing music that syncs with the heart and minds of the audience.

In 2020, the band was reformed with the hopes of playing live, but the COVID-19 pandemic put that idea on hold. Since then the band has seen a lineup change into a three-piece recording group. The result was the new album, ‘Oceans’, a sure symbol of perseverance in hard times. The songs are thus deeply reflective of a time when the world had simply shut down. Today, the band invites everyone to come to listen to their liberating and thought-provoking music!


The Silvers

Name: Mick Orton

Address: 39713 S Moonwood Dr, Tucson, AZ 85739

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 415-250-8519








Media Contact
Company Name: The Silvers
Contact Person: Mick Orton
Email: Send Email
Phone: 415-250-8519
Address:39713 S Moonwood Dr
City: Tucson
State: AZ 85739
Country: United States

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