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Executive Sleep Consulting: New Online Clinic Transforms Insomnia

In an era of increased sleep issues around the world, Executive Sleep Consulting has opened up a unique online sleep practice to offer comprehensive sleep solutions effectively around the globe. Executive Sleep Consulting (ESC), originally founded in 2013, has expanded its reach and services exponentially in the past 2 years.

It’s founder, Doron Lazarus, has a background in psychobiology from UCLA and went on to become a Certified Sleep Science Coach and Rapid Transformation Therapist. As a former insomniac himself, Doron has a genuine passion for helping people through even hard-to-treat sleep issues. “I remember when I was struggling with sleep issues, there was simply no effective place to turn,” says Lazarus. “I want to change all that. We have broken down boundaries to literally become the one-stop sleep solution to help clients finally win back the night.”

All done from the comfort of home, ESC focuses on 3 key areas to help transform sleep every night of the week. The first is cognitive, as they specialize in treating stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues that get in the way of a great night’s sleep. “I was trained in CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), but sometimes that’s not enough” told Lazarus. “I pride myself on offering customized, in-depth solutions that get to the root of the issue and use the power of the human mind to help make that transformation.”

The second area that they work on is treating any biochemical imbalances. “When I really wanted to get serious about treating sleep issues from the ground up, I brought on a team of functional medicine doctors that have an incredible ability to test, diagnose and treat any imbalance in the body that can affect sleep, even when traditional medical professionals were not able to” explained Lazarus. “People come to us with very unique issues, and our team is dedicated to using sophisticated data-driven models to understand the situation from the ground up, mind and body together”.

The last issue that ESC specializes in is treating snoring and apnea. “A lot of clients come to me after traditional treatment methods simply don’t work. Many people cannot tolerate sleeping with a CPAP machine, and we have to think out of the box to create lasting solutions” described Lazarus. The ESC Total Breathing Transformation includes weight loss, food modification, breathing restructuring, tongue strengthening, posture exercises, and more.

Chavi Twerski from Brooklyn, NY was struggling with insomnia for years. She came to ESC in desperation to end the cycle of exhaustion, frustration, and sleeping pills. Within 3 weeks of doing their program, she was cured, never looking back since then. “I had sleeping issues for years and was so frustrated trying to find a solution to sleep well naturally. For the past year, my sleep quality was poor, and I needed sleep medication on a nightly basis. I started working with Doron Lazarus and things quickly turned around. He was a pleasure to work with and within a few weeks, I was sleeping great, no pills needed. I highly recommend him!” said Twersky.

Executive Sleep Consulting is offering a free in-depth sleep consultation to anybody who would be interested in learning more and curing their sleep issues once and for all. Visit to learn more and book your free consultation to take back the night. 

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Company Name: Executive Sleep Consulting
Contact Person: Doron Lazarus
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Phone: 574 406 3008
Address:3013 York Road
City: South Bend
State: IN 46614
Country: United States

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