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Excellent Content and Positive Reviews Are Critical For Personal Injury Firms To Establish An Online Identity Says Digital Marketing Specialist Company

Excellent Content and Positive Reviews Are Critical For Personal Injury Firms To Establish An Online Identity Says Digital Marketing Specialist Company
Online presence and reputation are redefining business strategies. Cyle Pathnode, CEO and Founder of Case Engine explains the importance of online reviews and digital marketing, and how Case Engine consistently delivers the best results for its clients.

Case Engine, the leading digital marketing specialist in the legal niche, has identified two specific areas that lawyers need to focus on if they want to establish and grow a brand identity online. The company, which has helped deliver excellent results for its clients across the country, has conducted extensive research and is constantly evaluating what is required to succeed in a crowded marketplace. 

They recently spoke to Gregg Spagnolia, the head of litigation at Rhino Lawyers, Tampa, Florida. The company, which has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, is gaining the majority of its clients from their local marketing efforts, both on and offline. Gregg concurs with the findings of Case Engine and attributes some of their growth to the 541 positive reviews the company has received online. He sees a positive review as something to be proud of and a demonstration that the client was so pleased with their representation that they took the time to go online and leave a review.

Gregg said, “it’s great to know that your clients respect and appreciate everything that you’ve done for them. That’s a very good, rewarding thing about being an attorney, being able to help people, and being recognized for helping them. Another advantage of positive reviews is that it gets your name out there to other people that may be in the same or similar situation and who need the same or similar help as previous clients. And the fact that they’re willing to go ahead and take time out of their day to write a review and give other people an indication of what our ability is to help them, that’s definitely rewarding as well. And then third, I mean, again, it helps penetrate the market on the internet, which is a very difficult market to penetrate currently.”

Rhino Lawyers did not change their strategy as a consequence of COVID. In fact, if anything, they were already ahead of the game and have prioritized the importance of online marketing before the pandemic struck, which has been a contributing factor to their growth at such a challenging time. In addition to valuing online reviews from previous clients, Rhino Lawyers have also been focusing on creating high-quality content both in written and video form to drive traffic to their site.

“Rhino Lawyers fully understand the complexities of establishing an online presence for their brand and are implementing many of the concepts and ideas which we utilize,” said Cyle Pathnode, CEO and founder of Case Engine. “While we have always known and understood the importance of digital marketing before the pandemic, we are now receiving hundreds of inquiries from lawyers who have realized that they may need to change their marketing strategy to survive and flourish. That is where Case Engine specializes and can deliver a huge return on investment.”

Case Engine is a specialist digital marketing company based in Denver, Colorado. The company consists of some of the leading marketing brains in the industry, all of whom have a proven track record of delivering results for their clients. With excellent customer service, technical knowledge and experience, and determination to succeed, Case-Engine consistently delivers results for its clients.

For more information about the company and the services they offer, visit their website at

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