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EverTrader is helping traders successfully deal with under-capitalization

EverTrader aids individuals in their trading process and helps traders facing under-capitalization.

EverTrader is a prop firm that has already helped thousands of ambitious traders. The company was co-founded by a professional trader and investor named Dominik Kovarik. Since 2015, Dominik Kovarik has been providing training to 11000 investors and traders.

EverTrader was introduced in January 2022 and gave a select few traders who had passed their program access to trade on an EverAccount for their partner company. The company is now looking for traders with more expertise and sound risk management. They will receive EverAccounts with a maximum balance of $200,000. EverTrader offers first-rate education to traders based on their years of expertise. They provide professional support seven days a week, professional tools in EverTrader’s application, and uncommon data for spotting trading chances in addition to EverAccounts and splitting earnings up to 90%.

The company solves the primary problem of traders- under-capitalization. They aim to identify profitable traders with strong risk management skills. Thus, EverTrader offers the trader three main solutions:

1) The established controls set immediately in the EverTrader program help people learn to concentrate on risk.

2) When a trader does not put their own money at risk in the market and is not liable for losses, it eases psychological tension during trading.

3) It addresses the issue of low capital and dangerous trading by offering up to $400,000 in capital with the option of growing it over time.

So how does EverTrader 2-phase evaluation work? The objective of the first phase is to follow the regulations and make the desired profit. The phase must be completed in up to 30 days. 

The trader validates their consistency in the second stage. Compared to the first, the trading rules are significantly simpler. Although the profit target is less and the trading term might last up to 60 days, the objective is to adhere to the same principles. After this evaluation is complete, the traders can begin earning real money.

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