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Etihad Rail Wins The Gold Level Project Award At The Harvard Business Council 2022 International Awards

Abu Dhabi, UAE – May 26, 2022 – It has been a busy month for the Harvard Business Council (NY, USA), which committed to organizing and directing the first cycle of the HCB 2022 International Awards, culminating in 63 winners from around the world.

Numerous applications have been received this year. In fact, 5,000 nominees have entered the various prestigious Awards issued by the organization. Of these, however, only 439 were assessed by the jury because they met the standards of excellence required by HBC. Etihad Rail applied for the Project Award, reaching the Gold level for the Etihad Rail project.

The organization is the United Arab Emirates national railway network. It was established in June 2009 to manage the development, construction, and operation of the United Arab Emirates’ national freight and passenger railway network.

In line with the UAE’s ambitious vision of developing a diverse and vibrant economy, the project set out to create an efficient infrastructure network to transport cargo goods and passengers to all parts of the country.

To develop it, Etihad Rail engaged in enhancing local and regional human and material resources, opted for sustainable practices and assets, and safeguarded the safety of all parties involved. All this by always putting the customer first.

Harvard Business Council recognized Etihad Rail’ efforts and professionalism in creating amassive scope project from scratch that can change the lives of many people and the future of an entire country. Excellence was recognized not only in designing a similar plan but also in being able to implement it.

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