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Erick Duran Manard Drops The Kaleidoscope of Glorious Colorful Splotches Album

Talented, award-winning songwriter, Erick Duran Manard, announces the release of Kaleidoscope of Glorious Colorful Splotches, his latest album containing adventurous elements of hard-edged, orchestral, and experimental music

Erick Duran Manard seems relentless in using his musical gift as a tool to drive positive change across the globe as the artist who is known for his spirituality, recently released a new album titled Kaleidoscope of Glorious Colorful Splotches. The album offers great songs, including Solace in Solitude (Redeem the Time) with Erick continuing in the tradition of using his life experiences to tell relatable stories to his fans and lovers of good music.

I tell my ongoing and spiritually dynamic adventure through my music. Music for me is a God-given talent for testimonials, highly personal and emotive. I juxtapose elements of reality between good and evil. My compositions convey a spectrum of feelings, thoughts, and experiences of faith, with elements of light and shade, surprise, and unpredictability. So is real life: rocky and raw, daily spiritual warfare engaged between good and evil.” – Erick Duran Manard.

Music continues to evolve, with its universality as a language endearing it to millions of people in different parts of the world. In a related development, thousands of artists emerge yearly across genres to deliver amazing content to listeners. However, Erick Duran Manard seems to have mastered the art of taking the listening experience to a whole new level, offering a unique blend of spirituality and divine teaching lessons as he touches on different subjects with his music.

Erick Duran Manard officially dropped the Kaleidoscope of Glorious Colorful Splotches album on September 3, 2022. The album features 13 songs, touching on a plethora of feelings, thoughts, and experiences of faith with the inclusion of elements of light and shade, surprise, and unpredictability. Listeners are drawn into the unique experience with the blistering opener, Bricks On A Thread (Behind The Silken Wall), taking them through till the end of the album with the haunting closer, Reprise (Journey Through This Veil Of Tears).

For further information about Kaleidoscope of Glorious Colorful Splotches and other projects from Erick Duran Manard, visit – Erick Duran Manard also has a growing online community across social media and digital streaming platforms, including Spotify and Twitter.

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