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Entrepreneurs: Celebrate Your Independence – With Brilliant Factory®

LEWES, DE, July 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — It’s July 4th, time to celebrate what makes America special: our independent, can-do spirit. What says “independence” more than being an American entrepreneur? As poet Emma Lazarus said of the Statue of Liberty, she lifts her lamp beside the golden door. Brilliant Factory “lifts its lamp” of business-building know-how beside the golden door of opportunity with its unique, feature-rich, integrated business social site and marketplace.

The vaunted history of America embraces icons of ingenuity like Ford (assembly line), Edison (light bulb), Tesla (AC current), Filo Farnsworth (television), the Wright brothers (manned flight), Alexander Graham Bell (telephone), actress Hedy Lamar (frequency-hopping radio signal), and George Washington Carver (peanut butter).

Brilliant Factory celebrates the other 99% of entrepreneurs – the unsung heroes of American enterprise. is the business-focused community where real business gets done. Brilliant Factory Members can find customers, partners, and answers; buy and sell products and services; advertise; plan and track business goals; test market; seek funding; and explore new professional horizons. Members get a full year of 24/7 access for one low, flat subscription fee of $99 per year (only about 27 cents per day). Currently, Membership is by invitation – and readers of this article are invited. To join, visit, click JOIN, and use VIP Code “july4th”.

Brilliant Factory is built to help entrepreneurs break through the barriers that stifle growth and innovation. is a full-featured desktop-first platform, which comes with a mobile-ready edition so Members can communicate on-the-go. Brilliant Factory is a private, Members-only space, to help keep proprietary information private. Members also get a public page that they can use to promote themselves and their latest ventures to non-Members, if they choose.

Unlike first generation social sites that let any number of lurkers and looky-loos onto their free-for-all platforms, Brilliant Factory is designed around the needs of entrepreneurs. As a paid subscription service, it’s private, low noise, and low spam. Members can be assured that fellow Members are bona fide humans who are serious about their endeavors.

While other business sites sell an assortment of individual services, sometimes for thousands of dollars per service, Brilliant Factory integrates its all of its services and tools for its low, flat annual $99 subscription. This fully integrated suite of tools and services is a supercharged collaboration machine for enterprising people who want to get things done, instead of just talking about it.

Different from founder grooming sites that work exclusively with a vetted few, Brilliant Factory is inherently inclusive, with no membership application or qualification process – any entrepreneur can join, and all are on the same tier, sharing the same commitment to success.

Brilliant Factory is purpose-built for the dreamers, the doers, the wannabes and the pros. The builders of the better mousetrap. The stay-at-home startup. The mom & pop. The home-based business. The brick & mortar. The cyber. The fresh-out-of-schooler. The recent retiree. The second or third act professional. The executive, building an industrial juggernaut. The janitor on the way to becoming the CEO. The moonlighters. The do-gooders. The aspirational. The inspirational. Those looking over the horizon. Or shooting for the stars.

About Brilliant Factory®
Brilliant Factory, Inc. is the creator of, a B2B SaaS (business to business software as a service), subscription based, business-focused social market network for the other 99%.

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