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Enshrine Empowers Content Creators To Build Custom Reward Programs For Their Fans

Gone are the days of content creators struggling to monetize their personal brand – Enshrine is here! With custom reward programs tailored specifically for each creator, it’s now easier than ever for content writers, musicians and artists alike to build meaningful relationships with their fans. From small accounts all the way up, everyone can benefit from this innovative platform.

Custom reward programs are a great way to engage with followers and fans and help build a brand. Fans are incentivized to purchase from a creator and boost their engagement, views, and more in exchange for rewards through their favorite content creator. Being able to create these custom rewards programs is often not accessible for most content creators. They don’t have the same resources as large accounts and brands and aren’t able to track engagement on their own to determine who has earned these rewards. 

Enshrine is on a mission to revolutionize the way content creators connect with their audiences. Their aim? To support these visionaries in crafting and managing bespoke reward programs that drive engagement, elevate brand presence, and ultimately generate revenue. It’s time for artists everywhere to reap the rewards of their hard work!

How Enshrine works

Enshrine uses cross-platform integration to track fans’ engagement across numerous social media sites, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. This allows content creators to get the full picture of how much a given fan is engaging with them across all of their social media accounts instead of just one.

With this tracking across multiple platforms, the content creator can now utilize Enshrine to take original content and turn it into a digital collectible for their fans. Every time one of these digital collectibles is purchased, the fans gain perks or points toward the custom reward program. 

Unlike some other platforms, Enshrine won’t take the huge cut of these purchases. Some larger platforms are charging content creators as much as 50% of their earnings! Creators keep 90% of their earnings with Enshrine, ensuring that their efforts are paying off. 

Once fans have earned a reward or a perk, content creators can work with Enshrine to deliver on this. It could be something like a one-on-one coaching session if it’s a fitness channel, brand merch, birthday messages, and more. Because Enshrine encourages custom reward programs, it’s up to the content creator as to what the reward is. They know their fans the best, and Enshrine knows they will make the best decision when it comes to the rewards their fans will want. 

By utilizing Enshrine, content creators are able to make more money and grow their platforms with natural interactions and fun promotional rewards for their fans. 


Custom rewards programs are a great way to get closer to fans and build additional engagement and income. Digital collectibles provide a direct source of income for the content creator, and the additional engagement, views, and traffic to their social media pages will add to their earnings from each individual platform. 

With Enshrine, they can accurately monitor all engagement across multiple platforms and create whatever custom rewards program they want. These inclusive programs are no longer just for big accounts and creators with Enshrine’s assistance. 

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