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Elcove Introduces Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Healthy and Sustainable Home

This new line of refillable cleaning products effectively cleans homes without the chemicals that can harm the health of people and the environment.

One thing the global pandemic heightened was the need to keep homes clean and sanitized. But, as the people of the world were all forced to remain at home last year, we saw a dramatic increase in plastic waste highlighting the pressing need to take a better care of the planet.

Fortunately, there is a line of cleaning products that are proven effective but kinder to people’s health, and kinder to the planet. This brand is Elcove.

Elcove was founded by 17-year old Stacia Yefimenko. When she was younger, she suffered from allergies, asthma, and a host of other unexplained reactions. After years of relying on expensive medicines that barely worked, Stacia and her family decided to get rid of all toxic chemicals from their home, particularly their cleaning products.

After the family’s little experiment, Stacia’s rashes disappeared and her skin cleared up. Even her asthma got less frequent. This development led her to study natural products further. During her study, she learned more about the impact of single-use plastic on the planet. Stacia found out that a clean, sustainable, and affordable cleaning product was not available in the market, so she decided to make one herself.

Elcove’s cleaning line includes an All-Purpose Cleaner, a Glass Cleaner, and a Bathroom Cleaner. These come in starter kits that include 32-ounce reusable bottles and ultra-concentrated eco-caps.

Creating a cleaning solution is as easy as filling their reusable bottle with water, and twisting the eco-cap to release the cleaning formula, then it’s ready to be used. Once it’s all used up, these eco-caps can be sent back for refills using the compostable mailer that comes with every kit!

Household cleaning products that are out in the market are made up of 90-95% water anyway, which means consumers pay for that along with the bulky containers, packaging, and shipping costs every single time. The costs add up, along with their impact on the environment.

Elcove’s highly innovative design does away with using single-use plastic bottles that cost a lot to transport and release more carbon emissions. Elcove’s eco-caps are easier to ship, cost less, and are easier to store.

All the ingredients in Elcove’s cleaning products are sustainably sourced, plant-derived, and cruelty-free, but they are no less effective than brand-name products. Independent labs have proven that Elcove’s products are just as effective as household name brands without the harmful chemicals and toxins that are detrimental to people’s health and contribute to air and water pollution.

What’s more, even their packaging is environmentally friendly! Their bottles are recyclable, plus their products are shipped in compostable cardboard boxes that only need to be cut up into small pieces and wet with water to be used for composting. All of their products are proudly manufactured in the US.

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About Elcove

Elcove was founded just last year by 17-year old Stacia Yefimenko. The young entrepreneur aims to make cleaner, more affordable household products available to everyone and reduce the single-use plastic in the ocean. She also plans to expand Elcove’s product line and to get into stores while “while still offering the same convenience and effectiveness for consumers.”

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