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Editing Machine Launches Premium YouTube-Focused Service

Editing Machine is helping YouTubers do the grunt work so they can fully focus on the important task of filming.

YouTube is the world’s number one video-sharing site with more than 2 billion active users. This staggering figure shows that a quarter of the world’s population has access to the site. Remarkably, statistics have shown that this number will continue to grow in the nearest future. With the rising subscribers comes an influx of users desirous of taking advantage of the many benefits the platform offers. But poorly-created content caused by the lack of necessary skills repels others from seeing what they have to offer. Fortunately, Editing Machine has come up with a novel way of ensuring that both current and aspiring YouTubers make their mark on YouTube and its thriving community.  

Editing Machine is a video editing service that is specialized for YouTube. It exists to help content creators and businesses craft the perfect videos for their channels that will increase both viewership and engagement. In addition, Editing Machine takes care of the entire process of video making. The only thing required from their clients is just raw footage of their content and the team will get to work.  

Founder and Director, Martin Bool told us “Video editing is hard work! It’s a specialized skill that’s both creative and technical, and yet content creators are forced to spend hours learning how to edit videos, or find and manage freelancers to do it for them, which I’ve heard so many horror stories about! YouTubers are becoming mainstream, fast…and without realizing it, they are running media content businesses, but without so much experience of how to do that effectively. They have been calling out for help with professional, reliable video editing, and we do exactly that, and so much more!”  

Apart from the crisp and quality video editing, Editing Machine also creates the kind of professional thumbnails that will immediately attract attention. There is also the option of repurposing the videos for social media. In other words, the editing team can readily convert your videos for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform. And with the rise in cyber attacks and accounts getting hacked and deleted, Editing Machine offers its clients a channel backup service with unlimited archive storage, so all videos can easily be recovered.  

Knowing how difficult the world of content creating can be, Editing Machine was born out of a desire to empower creators with time, experience, and skills. Its founders are UK television professionals with over 16 years experience of working in television post-production, location, and live studios. It is this wealth of experience they are using to really make a difference in YouTube’s virtual world of content. 

The team has been editing thousands of YouTube videos so far, and invites any new or experienced YouTube creator to try their services risk free, and have the burden of video editing taken away.  

Editing Machine’s customers get excellent content coupled with a customer-centered experience. According to one satisfied YouTuber who signed up for their service, handing over the video editing is what allowed his channel to flourish – “When I started using them, I had around 7k subscribers, and I was doing all my editing by myself. It took me hours and hours, and quite frankly, it sucked! I then came across Editing Machine, and saw the quality of work they did, and the pricing that they offered. In that first month, I can’t tell you how much time they saved me, and how much the quality of content increased. My subscribers went up and people now enjoy my content a lot more.” 

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