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Easy Methods to Reduce Stress and Relax

Stress is a condition that affects nearly everybody around the world. So, what exactly is stress? Stress is actually a natural reaction experienced by the human body, that is triggered mainly due to anger, frustration and nervousness. It is the bodies natural mechanism to cope with challenges and demands, but generally stress is related to and corresponds to the negative aspect of this reaction and its toll on the human body. According to a study, 43% of Americans claimed to have experienced stress at one point in their life.

Symptoms of Stress?

Almost everyone faces stress, however, the symptoms of stress can vary greatly from person to person. The stress symptoms can range from pain and ache, chest pain, elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, muscle tension and more. Long term induction of these symptoms can cause excessive wear and tear of the body.

How to Relieve Stress?

There are many simple yet effective remedies to ease the detrimental effects of stress.Some of these remedies if properly incorporated in your everyday routine can help you keep those adrenaline levels in check and would ultimately lead to a relaxed mind and body. Let’s take a look at some of these simple stress relievers.

· Get a Balanced & Nutritious Diet:

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet can have very positive impacts in your life. Junk and carb-rich foods can cause the body to gain excessive fat and raise the cholesterol levels but a healthy and rich diet that contains a balanced mix of fats, proteins, carbs, fibers and amino acid can improve the natural biological cycles inside the body. Junk food can also add to your weight, which can cause an extra physical strain on your body. This can lead to muscular dystrophy and joint pains. But the major impact is the psychological impact that can elevate the stress levels and certain hormones in the body. Therefore, a rich diet can not only help you get a better body shape, but also helps you reduce the stress levels.

· Start Daily Exercise:

Exercise and workout are as important for human body as a nutritious meal. Regular exercise not only helps you get in a better shape, but it also releases endorphins, which are neuro-transmitters that give you the “happy boost”. Human body is complex machine, and excessive wear can and will cause detrimental effects. So, it is advised to join a gym or a gymnastics club, so you can work-out under the guidance of trained professionals. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can also take your mind off certain daily problems, further relieving you of the daily struggles and minimizing the impacts of stress.

· Get a Masseuse

Massage therapies are proven to be relaxing and relieve stress. According to a study, it was found that 1 in 6 people in America visited a massage therapist to relieve their stress in 2016. This number is expected to grow as time progresses as massage therapists or “Masseuse” are becoming more and more common. Stress can cause muscles to eventually stiffen up and become hard. Constant stress can lead to muscle dystrophia, back pain and other problems. Massages are a great way to relive the built-up pressure in these muscles and help you relax. Most massage clinics are also decorated with low lights, aroma, and light colors which creates a calming atmosphere that further helps with relaxation.

· Start Writing

Keeping a journal and documenting your thoughts at the end of the day can really help with the stress problem. According to a study by APA, writing can help relieve stress by weeding out the negative and intrusive thoughts from your mind. Things tend to built up when you don’t talk about them which can cause your stress and hormone levels to rise. However, writing helps you focus, concentrate and express those repressed thoughts, leading to relaxation, stress relief and eventual improved memory. So, it is greatly recommended to start expressing your daily thoughts in a journal or notebook starting today!

· Practice yoga

Yoga is an ancient art form that has been practiced for centuries to relieve pain and stress and to get closer to nature. Hatha or Lyengar yoga help stretch your muscles which provide the same effects as a massage. Yoga is a physical act which promotes flexibility. It relieves the body of stress, built up pressure and may ease with knots in the muscles. Closeness to nature also helps calm the mood that acts as a natural medicine, releasing good mood endorphins in the body. These chemicals help the body relax by relieving the built-up stress and giving you a mood boost.

· Invest in a hobby

Hobbies are a great way to express your internal creative side. Often associated with people who stay indoors or overly relaxed people, hobbies might be even more important for people with stress. Hobbies have many benefits that make them worthy of your time investment. A study claimed that those who engage in a leisure activity for at least 20 minutes once a week are less prone to stress, and were associated with lower blood pressure, better mood and better physical structure. However instead of following others, find activities that you enjoy and like to engage in. This can range from reading books to gardening, fishing to bird watching and even running if that’s what makes your boat float. All of these activities if properly enjoyed are known to reduce stress. The opportunities are endless so get started right away!

Not Working for you? Try a Non-Conventional Approach

There are many non-conventional methods to control and reduce stress and most of them involve artificially elevating the endorphins in the body. Smoking cannabis or weed is one such act that is becoming more and more common recently. Today, 18 states of US have accepted and legalized the use of cannabis as a creative and medicinal drug. Like any other plant, Cannabis contains many different compounds and oils. There are over 120 different types of Cannabis constituents but the two most important ones are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These substances have psychoactive properties, that induce endorphins in the blood stream and gives you a relaxing and relieving feeling. Cannabis is being widely used today for reducing stress due to these medicinal properties. However, before you get started, you might need proper apparatus to even begin. VaporizerChief can help you solve this problem with their wide selection of vaping and smoking equipment, and their user-friendly interface is very easy to use to navigate.


Stress is real issue faced by millions around the world. However, sometimes it is the simplest of measures that can help to mitigate or reduce the most prominent of issues. Try these simple yet effective methods to reduce stress and enjoy life at the same time.

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