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E-PR to Launch Franchise in March 2022, Led by Entrepreneur Yury Mosha

Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to run digital marketing businesses are in luck. E-PR will offer the full support of digital advertising professionals at a minimal investment.

Online advertising is thriving in this day and age. Marketing services are a familiar product, and if a company has the right business direction and a strong degree of customer loyalty, they can earn money from a global client base.

On March 1st, 2022, E-PR is launching a franchise for entrepreneurs who want to leverage a thriving 21st century business model. E-PR is an international digital agency with offices in the USA, Europe, and Russia.

The franchise is powered by some of the best minds in the business: skilled translators, direct ads specialists, SEO specialists, copywriters, Wikipedia content creators, and more. The majority of the team has 15+ years of experience in traditional and digital marketing, and they’re ready to pass their knowledge on to fledgling entrepreneurs.

This skilled team is led by Yury Mosha, who founded the digital agency and has 27 years of experience in marketing and advertisement.

About the franchise:

The E-PR franchise doesn’t require an office, and the required investment is minimal. E-PR’s specialists are ready to provide all the necessary services. An entrepreneur can set up a business easily — they don’t even need a full team behind them. Franchise members will be able to work from home and earn a net income of $5,000 per month.

Here’s what franchise members can get:

• They can opt for the full support of E-PR. They’ll no longer have to look for service contractors, as the E-PR team provides social media specialists, web developers, editors, and all sorts of marketing and advertisement professionals.

• If they need media suppliers, E-PR will find options and negotiate for the best price.

E-PR can provide franchise members with a full array of marketing services, enabling them to acquire potential customers and increase income with personal contact with clients on their end. Whether members need SEO optimization, Google/Yandex context ads, brand stylization, FB targeting, or even chatbot creation, E-PR specialists will get it done. There’s no work on the entrepreneur’s end, but they get to keep 20% of earnings from each service. This is the perfect option for those who are ready to spend time on sales and customer search but don’t want to deal with contractors or perform services.

Alternatively, franchise members can receive training from E-PR’s marketing experts and opt to provide all services independently or with the help of contractors. If a member provides services independently, they’ll keep 100% of the earnings; if they work with contractors, they’ll keep 40% – 50%, depending on the contract agreement.

For more info, contact:

WhatsApp +1 321 3000 111

Media Contact
Company Name: E-PR ONLINE INC
Contact Person: Yury Mosha
Email: Send Email
Country: United States

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