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Double Iron Consulting Giving To Community Through Business

Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 07-22-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Running a family business seems easy because all family members have the same goal; to steer the business to greater heights. 

However, problems usually start when the founder leaves the company through retirement or death. This is because many family members may believe they should take over the mantle of leadership. 

Without proper guidance, a family business that has been built up over decades can quickly collapse. William Smith, also known as Bill Smith, founded Double Iron Consulting specifically to help family businesses with the challenges they experience in their everyday operations and during succession. 

How Bill Smith Is Giving Back To The Community

Bill Smith, the founder of Double Iron Consulting, has decades of experience running a successful business. This is because he was born into one. 

Bill Smith helped his family run Royal Cup Coffee & Tea from a young age. This accorded him a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a successful family business. 

Bill had the chance to serve as the president and CEO of the family business. He took the company to greater heights during his tenure at the company’s helm. The company’s success can be attributed to his experience working in the company and his business education background. 

The company has since continued to grow through non-family executive leadership and an active board of directors with both family and non-family directors.

Bill Smith, Royal Cup Coffee, and His Achievements

Some of his achievements include; overseeing a successful rebranding initiative and expanding the company to greater capabilities in operations, service, and sales. 

After the successful stint at the helm of Royal Cup Coffee & Tea, Bill remains on the company’s board. He now focuses on helping family businesses and their executives through his consulting firm. 

This is a way of giving back to the community after enjoying immense success working in the family business. 

Transitioning to Double Iron Consulting And Its Services

Family Business Leadership Transition Services

Transitioning to leadership is usually a big challenge, especially when family businesses are involved. After all, the top executives and other key employees in the business may all be related. 

Therefore, allowing one member to take the leadership mantle to the detriment of another can harm family relations. Fortunately, Bill Smith has a lot of experience dealing with similar cases so he can help family businesses with leadership transition and many other things. 

Once a suitable leader has been chosen, the team at Double Iron Consulting will work with the leader to ensure the family business gets the best out of them. 

Improving Internal Systems of Family Businesses

A family-owned and operated business is unique because the operations may not be well-structured. Still, the firm may be making huge profits. The pay structure and human resources may also not be well structured, but nobody may complain. 

However, this can harm the long-term success of the business. Bill Smith and Double Iron Consulting can audit the internal systems of a family business and make recommendations for improving the company’s operations. 

The consultants can also offer guidance during the implementation of the recommendations they make. This will help to ensure the desired results are obtained. 

About Bill Smith

Bill Smith holds an MBA from Emory University. He is active in the Private Directors Association and also the National Association of Corporate Directors. Bill is also a board member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

Born in Birmingham, Bill Smith chose Double Iron Consulting because of the city’s history in steel and iron production and his aspirations for competing in triathlons, leading to a potential ironman competition. Bill is skilled in breaking down complex goals into manageable tasks.

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