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Don't Just Cope In A Post-COVID World, Thrive

Use this time to shift into a more positive mindset, one that will return happiness and joy to your life after experiencing so much doom and gloom.

Jun. 18, 2021 / PRZen / LOS ANGELES — As restrictions come down and society opens after a year and a half of shut down, there has been much discussion about how to cope with the uneasy emotions that come with the suddenly near maskless, restriction-free world. That’s only the half the story, according to  Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of  I Survived COVID-19, What Now?! Finding Happiness and Success in a Post COVID World (available on Amazon Audio).

Nelson says we should be using this time to shift into a more positive mindset, one that will return happiness and joy to our lives after experiencing so much doom and gloom. She believes this shift is even more important emotionally if we are to successfully move forward with our lives.

“Start off by saying thank you to life, for this life, regardless of its bumps and hurdles,” says Nelson. “Be thankful for your mind, body and soul, whatever their present level of functioning. Be genuinely thankful for the good that’s everywhere, no matter how large or how small. Good is everywhere. It could be the complete stranger who shows you kindness with a big smile. Take the opportunity to reciprocate and notice how wonderful you feel.”

Next, when all doors seem to be shut, Nelson says to keep looking for even the slightest of cracks to find your opening. “Change is now the norm so it’s the perfect time to explore improving your situation,” says Nelson. “How? By looking for how things could work out, what might be a better way, what resources or help might be available—a MacGyver attitude. If you’re looking for a new job, for example, ask yourself what you could to do to make yourself more marketable. Then do it. Use your new optimistic mindset to push forward.”

Optimism and gratitude play important roles, explains Nelson. Studies show that optimists, those who are grateful and have a positive, appreciative, forward thinking take on life—thrive. Pessimists do not.

Nelson says, “As hard as the pandemic has been, allow the positives in your world to grow. When you do, you’ll find the negatives don’t carry the same weight as they once did.”

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