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Dog Rider brings the taste of hyper casualty to P2E world

The P2E world is growing rapidly, new ideas are opening novel visions in minds. Therefore, gamers are excited about incoming possibilities in game-tech.

Dog Rider is newcomer game platform in P2E world that inspired from old amusement-parks board game. This project is the first crypto hyper casual game based on Blockchain and NFT market. It’s one of those ‘easy to play and hard to expert’ ones.

Dog Rider brings the taste of hyper casualty to P2E world

Dog Rider is adopted from a nostalgic multiplayer carnival board game called Roll a ball horse racing derby. From 80’s till 2000 this magical carnival game was ubiquitous in all amusement parks, casinos, entertainment places, etc. Maybe the simple psychological ideas which were smartly included in game rules were the reason leading this classic skill game to success. So, everyone in all ages could play and challenge others.

Dog Rider has attractive ecosystem like shiny 3D interface and unique features of game tools predicted to bring a new taste in online games world. It’s simple, take ball, and roll it into holes. hence, leads your character toward finish line.

In Dog Rider, you can safely experience play-to-earn in crypto world. Benefiting from strong Blockchain engineering in developing the Dog Rider project made it possible to launch a charming marketing plan on game’s scenario. The Dog Rider is based on transparent ecosystem. The $DRG token is designed precisely according to game’s marketing plan and easily could be exchanged or charged. Also, for play to earn proposes it could safely and quickly connect to your wallet in all platforms.


Daily, monthly and all-time leaderboard

Exchangeable characters

Chatting options

Magic items in store

Customizable cosmetics for UI

Unique features for UX

Flexible gameplay

NFT trading point


Choose your dog and as game starts, you should roll your ball with proportional power toward holes. The game is equipped to artificial intelligence which detects finger touch on the device and the ball’s path angle precisely determine. The game has unique features and possibilities like Gamers can play with touch devices and laptop touchpads. Some of the features includes magic items, exclusive characters, music setup and chat options. Users will can buy new characters as NFT tokens.


$DRG is the native token of Dog Rider game, which will be implant on Dog Rider platform. After primary token presentation eke relevant affairs of presales formalities, the token will use for all in app trades and prizes. With facile and secure protocols, the wallet can directly connect to game platform to enable all transactions. In addition to all efforts for optimizing the gamifications the team tried their best in designing the DRG token to hesitate from any undesirable bugs and whale mechanism.

Dog Rider’s Charity

Dog Rider project has plan for charity purposes, in protection of homeless dogs. There are many stray dogs all over the world with no support. Depending on the Tokenomic of the game, Dog Rider team plans to donate some of the game’s revenue to support stray dogs.

Process of the project

The game is under construction and have done 80% technical progress in the project. The game predicted to present in March 28th, 2022.

How to contact

Email: support@Dogrider.Games

Website: Www.Dogrider.Games

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