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Dive Into the World of Cetaceans and Fall in Love With 'Ocean Souls'

Over 100 filmmakers, scientists and experts come together in this stunning once-in-a-lifetime award-winning documentary. Available Dec. 17, 2021.

OCEAN SOULS Official Poster
OCEAN SOULS Official Poster

OCEAN SOULSnAvailable December 17, 2021

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – December 14, 2021 – (

 Ocean Souls Films and Wildlife Media, in association with the Claude & Sofia Marion Foundation, are delighted to present Ocean Souls, the award-winning, emotive cetaceans documentary, showing the most extensive diversity ever seen on film. Directed and produced by Philip Hamilton, this film is an extraordinary collaboration of over 100 filmmakers, scientists, and experts. It highlights new scientific discoveries and teams them with exquisite cinematography.

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) may have more in common with us than we ever believed possible. With the help of this incredible collaboration of filmmakers, scientists and experts, Ocean Souls opens our eyes to the world below the water, where these creatures exhibit characteristics not unlike ours in terms of cognitive abilities and family ties. This remarkable film includes fascinating insights into their emotions, language, social organization, intelligence, and human interaction, alongside never seen before footage.

Director and Producer Philip Hamilton says, “At Ocean Souls, we recognized how powerful it would be to unite the oceans community around a common project, very similar to how the Live Aid concert united the best musicians in the world. We reached out to the entire community and were ecstatic when more than 100 filmmakers came forward as well as renowned scientists and experts. We are proud to say that any potential revenues derived from the film will be used to help NGOs and explorers as well as contributing towards the science working to protect the oceans, in particular, cetaceans.”

Ocean Souls will be available to rent and purchase on Vimeo and on Dec. 17, 2021, and will soon be available on worldwide streaming platforms including iTunes, YouTube, and GooglePlay.

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Throughout a very successful festival run, Ocean Souls has inspired audiences with a desire to protect and secure the future of the cetacean family. The film has been honored at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, International Ocean Film Festival, Docs Without Borders, Lonely Wolf Film Festival, Accolade Global Film Festival, and Cannes International Independent Film Festival. The film is also a winner at the London Independent Film Awards, Vegas Movie Awards, New York Movie Awards, and Accolade Global Film Humanitarian Awards. 


Ocean Souls is an emotive cetaceans documentary, showing possibly the largest diversity ever seen on film and highlighting new science. Despite looking so different to us, cetaceans are possibly our closest relatives in terms of cognitive abilities and family ties. The film focuses on family, something every human can relate to, including chapters on emotions, language, social organization, intelligence, and human interaction. Ocean Souls discovers that there is an intelligence beneath the waves that closely mirrors our own. Join us as we explore the remarkable lives of these magnificent ocean souls.

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Dive Into the World of Cetaceans and Fall in Love With 'Ocean Souls'

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