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Discover How Dignified Divorce Coaching is Changing How People Divorce

Moving through the process of divorce can be emotionally and physically draining, and many women can be unsure where to turn to. Leading California-based divorce coach, Dignified Divorce Coaching, is the unique new organization designed to help newly separated women find the support and advice they need to not only survive this challenging process but also thrive beyond it.

Divorce is an incredibly difficult time, financially, emotionally, and physically. Understanding how to move through the pain and overwhelm without falling victim to it requires knowing how to navigate it properly. Dignified Divorce Coaching aims to provide women who are starting newly separated with the skills, support, and knowledge to navigate through the divorce process without wasting time and money or experiencing unnecessary heartache.

Dignified Divorce Coaching was launched by family law attorney Maria Akopyan, who is also a certified life and relationship coach with training in marriage and family therapy. This allows her to give her clients full support and guidance on all aspects from the very start to the finish. The unique process covers everything from preparing emotionally, to educating participants on the steps and legal framework as well as rebuilding a solid foundation for life post-divorce.

The company was launched in 2020, after Maria noticed there was an unmet need in the current industry and aims to provide a holistic approach to the divorcing process.

Maria Akopyan added, “Divorce is an incredibly emotional time, and it can be very difficult for women to know who to turn to for reliable advice and support. At Dignified Divorce Coaching, my aim is to change how divorce is traditionally viewed and provide a unique and holistic approach to the divorce process and resolving conflicts.

Too many people use divorce as a weapon or a vehicle to receive emotional compensation. Through my coaching practice, I teach clients how they can avoid making this mistake and transform their experience of divorce to one that is more positive. I have recently launched a free online training session called 3 Crucial Steps for Divorcing Smoothly, Peacefully and Cost-Effectively, setting the framework for how attendees can move through divorce effectively.”

To find out more about Dignified Divorce Coaching and check out the free resources that are available, visit

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