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Direct Hemp Highlights Cutting Edge Website and Community Education Efforts

Direct Hemp highlights its cutting-edge website, boasting a broad range of products that can be easily and conveniently purchased and shipped around the nation, as well as its significant efforts and investments into becoming an educational resource in the hemp and CBD space.

These last couple of years have caused a paradigm shift in the way consumers buy products. From groceries to supplements, and yes, even CBD, consumers demand safety, quality, selection, fair prices, and most of all, convenience.

Throughout the pandemic and projected well into the future, more consumers have shifted a larger percentage of their shopping online, putting significant strain on brands who weren’t ready to step up to the plate.

Known as an innovator and forward thinker in the industry, Direct Hemp (DH) has always worked hard to forecast consumer needs, catering to its diverse and valued customer base.

This quarter, the company highlights its cutting-edge website, boasting a broad range of products that can be easily and conveniently purchased and shipped around the nation, as well as its significant efforts and investments into becoming an educational resource in the hemp and CBD space.

An Immersive and Intuitive Online Shopping Experience

Shopping can be boring and tedious, or a fun, educational and altogether enjoyable experience. Direct Hemp has invested considerable resources into custom-tailoring its website and eCommerce experience to the needs and wants of its customers.

Intuitive Shopping

The website is creatively engineered to be both visually attractive as well as intuitive. This helps to streamline the shopping experience for customers, helping them find what they need faster and hassle-free.

Direct Hemp Certified Products: Unparalleled quality and trust

Brands that make it onto Direct Hemp’s virtual store shelves are highly vetted for quality, potency, purity and efficacy. For a product to have made it on Direct Hemp’s website, the founding owners of DH will have met directly with that brand’s executive team, toured the facilities and vetted their operations. DH evaluates brands based on safety, quality, compliance, innovation, charity and culture.

Transparency and Testing

The hemp industry is riddled with ‘fly by night’ companies looking to cash in on consumer demand for CBD and hemp products. Direct Hemp combats this by offering unrivaled transparency in the brands and products it carries. From farm to store shelf, the supply chain is known and validated. Going one step further, DH requires an up to date COA (Certificate of Analysis) for every product to verify it contains what is claimed on the label.

Fast Discreet Shipping

Utilizing optimized logistics and a streamlined workflow, the majority of packages arrive at customers’’ doorsteps discretely within 3-5 days from the order date.

Security First

DH uses industry-standard security practices including SSL encryption and to protect its customers. It also employs strong data protection policies to safeguard customers’ information.

Education, Awareness and Advocacy

The CBD and hemp industry has undergone significant changes over the last decade, and exponential change over the last few years. The legalization of hemp-derived CBD with the 2018 Farm Bill was a major catalyst in the explosion of new and innovative products hitting store shelves.

Consumers eager to take part jumped on fast, with sales exploding to the tune of an estimated $2.8 billion in the USA alone (2020). Yet along with this boom came a lot of confusion about products.

At Direct Hemp, one of its core values is charity, community and giving back. Staying true to this value, the company has invested in making its website a pillar of advocacy and education in the industry. A major component of this effort is the site’s ‘Buyers Guide’ helping educate customers on the types of products available, how they work, and what might be best for their individual goals.

About Direct Hemp

Direct Hemp is a pioneering online retailer of hemp and CBD products. Committed to quality, safety and efficacy, the company has earned a reputation in the industry as a leader in advocating for customers and setting the gold standard for product quality in the market.

Those interested in learning more about Direct Hemp or in browsing its extensive selection of products are encouraged to visit the official website for more information.

Disclaimer: All Products Mentioned and Carried by Direct Hemp are THC-free and/or compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

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