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Different Frames for Blue Light Glasses

Different frames can be worn as blue light glasses. Read to know more!

Wearing blue light glasses has become a necessity for all. Whether the person is sitting in front of the screen in his office or playing games on the computer. This helps people to protect their eyes from the harmful blue light emitted from the screens. Along with the blue light coating, gaming goggles are also a must for people who spend most of their time in front of the computer.

For gamers, the screen is the main part because without that they will not be able to complete their work. But during this time, they are using the screen for more than 10 hours a day at a stretch which is very harmful to them and their eyes. Wearing the right pair of gaming goggles will help you to protect your eyes.

Why are blue light glasses important?

There are controversies about whether blue light glasses are required or not? Whether blue light is harmful to the eyes or not! We as human beings often get confused about what to listen to and what to avoid. But in this case, we should take precautions and use blue light glasses as there is no harm in wearing the glasses.

Blue light glasses are needed for the eyes as it creates a layer and protects the eyes from the blue light. Blue light is emitted from all the digital screens, whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone. While using the screen people get so busy that they do not realise that working for so many hours sitting at the same place and looking at the screen is not only harmful to the eyes but is also harmful to the overall body.

This increases back pain causes various other diseases in the body, and makes the body weak. Hence it is advised to take some break during work and look out somewhere and give your eyes some rest.

We have often heard this term called a blue light filter. We have been told to turn on the filter while using the screens, especially during the night. This is because the filter helps to dim the light of the screen and protect the eyes from the harmful rays that are being emitted from the screen.

Thus wearing blue light glasses will create an extra layer of protection for the eyes and will keep the eyes safe and protected.

Which glasses can be worn as blue light glasses?

Glasses are a requirement for everybody. Some wear glasses as a fashion accessory, and some wear them because they need to wear them with a prescription and also as fashion accessories. Various types of glasses can be worn both as blue light or fashion glasses and also for both fashion and need. There are male and female glasses that come with a blue light coating and in different shapes and sizes. Let us see the types of glasses that can be worn as both blue light glasses and fashion glasses.

  • Rimless Glasses- Rimless glasses are sometimes known as titanium glasses as they are made of a type of material called titanium. This material is extremely lightweight and strong and durable. These glasses may last for almost 10 years because of their durability. The rimless glasses come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for daily office purposes.
  • Cat-eye Glasses- These glasses are very popular among women. The first type of glasses that were made only for women has made a special place in the hearts of every woman. The cat-eye glasses come in various sizes and as the days pass by the creators are modifying the designs and making them fit as per today’s demands. From elegant and bold to funky and sassy cat-eye glasses, women have them all. From oversized cat-eye glasses to tiny cat-eye glasses, from rimless to half-rimmed cat-eye glasses, all of them are attention grabbers. They become the limelight of the party.
  • Round Glasses- These are one of the classy pairs of glasses for men and women. Both of them flaunt their looks wearing a pair of round glasses. These glasses can be worn with almost every outfit and on every occasion. These glasses come in various sizes and materials. The round glasses are available in full-rimmed, half-rimmed, and rimless. The tortoiseshell round glasses are the favourite of almost all men. Wearing a pair makes men look super smart and handsome. The titanium round glasses are very classy and elegant and are mostly opted for by women. Women wear these glasses with their outfits and look great.
  • Aviator Glasses- The aviator glasses are for men. Once the glasses were known as men’s glasses as only the men used to wear these glasses. The sunglasses that turned into glasses have always impressed with their style and the unique designs that they are making every year and how people are loving each of them. The aviator glasses are now worn by women too. But the sizes of the glasses are smaller compared to that of men because of the face shape and structure.
  • Oversized- Oversized glasses are another pair of elegance and smartness. These glasses are available in various variations. From tortoiseshell glasses to the stunning cat-eye glasses, the oversized has all. Hence these glasses are fit for almost every occasion and are also fit for all occasions. Oversized glasses are worn by all age groups in different styles and occasions. They are dressed in different outfits and look smart. Since there are so many options in oversized variations, one can wear whatever feels right for them.
  • Clear Glasses- Clear glasses are one of the trending pairs of glasses of recent times. The not so colourful glasses have a unique feature to make the person look more attractive and smart. Clear glasses are one of the smartest pairs of glasses for men. These glasses do not add much to the facial features but still make the person noticeable among people. If one wants to have a pop of colour in their glasses, can go for the nude shades of the glasses. This will make them highlight their facial features a little. They are mostly suitable with any light coloured outfit, especially casuals.
  • Tortoiseshell Glasses- Women are donning a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. Tortoiseshell glasses are bold and make one flaunt their personality. They are available in various colours for a bright and colourful appeal. Pair the glasses anywhere with a classy outfit and see the magic that these glasses will create. The best tortoiseshell glasses for young seniors are the round ones. This is because round glasses highlight the facial features and make the faces look younger than ever.
  • Square Glasses- From rectangular glasses, seniors have shifted to square frames. This is because square frames highlight the facial features and make the face more young and glowing. They come in various colours and bring out the youthfulness of the person. If one wants to try out the square frames, the young women seniors should surely get one, especially in the oversized form. This will help to make their style more fashionable to people. They can use them as a fashion accessory or for their reading glasses or distant vision glasses. They will rock in these pairs of glasses.

Hence above are some of the glasses that are perfect as blue light glasses and also for both men and women.

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