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Derma Rollers – The Skincare Trend Taking Australia by Storm

Does the idea of needles making small puncture wounds in your skin sound sort of scary? Well, it isn’t! Derma Rolling, a form of skin care treatment that falls under the category of ‘micro-needling’, reduces signs of ageing alongside common skincare issues such as acne scars and (hyper)pigmentation. You may have spotted Australian skincare influencers using a derma roller, a rather odd-looking device featuring a rotating head with a multitude of tiny needles. But what exactly is derma rolling? And should we Aussies jump on the derma roller bandwagon? Catherine Wilson, of the Australian skincare company Essential Derma, explains why she chose to specialise in derma rollers and what advantages this new technique holds. 

But firstly, what is micro-needling? Micro-needling is a skincare technique that makes use of the skin’s natural ability to heal itself: by making tiny punctures in the skin, the regeneration process is stirred up and collagen and elastin become elevated. In that sense, derma rollers are a no-nonsense and completely natural approach to ensuring skincare health. As Catherine explains: ‘When rolled over the skin, the derma roller creates what we call a micro-channel in your skin, creating brand new and healthy tissue to replace the skin’s imperfections.’ 

Catherine Wilson is a skin care specialist with over 10 years of experience in the Australian skincare industry. At first, she was hesitant to embrace the derma roller trend – she knew of the promising results micro-needling can bring, but the initial consumer-grade derma rollers had significant design flaws. Additionally, a lot of first-time users were using the derma roller incorrectly which has the potential to slow down the production of new skin. When setting up Essential Derma, she took all this into account: she innovated the derma roller devices, thereby eliminating the design’s initial shortcomings. Furthermore, Essential Derma pays a lot of attention to providing dedicated consumer information. The Australian skincare company even offers one-on-one skincare consultations to ensure its customers are using their derma roller correctly. 

Why are derma rollers so popular right now? Catherine speculates that Australians are moving toward a more holistic view of health and, as such, skincare. ‘Over recent years we’ve come to understand there’s no such thing as quick fixes. Trendy creams with a long list of chemical ingredients are not the answer. Taking care of your skin – and of yourself – takes time and dedication. I believe the popularity of derma rollers is an expression of this.’ 

It follows that Catherine sees Essential Derma not solely as a skincare company: ‘what our skin looks like is a direct reflection of our inner health. Therefore, a big part of our skincare strategy is to educate customers on what they can do to improve their wellness – diet and lifestyle play a huge part in how the skin will look and perform over time. We like to help our customers discover how they can improve not only their skin but also their overall health.’ 

Eager to get yourself a premium derma roller? Check out Essential Derma’s website for more info!

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