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Darryl West on Embracing Digital Marketing to Stand Out in Real Estate

In this interview, Darryl West shares how Powerhouse Real Estate is transforming clients’ real estate goals into reality, empowering its agents along the way.

Listen to the full interview of ​​Darryl West with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Money Podcast.

What mission matters to you, and what set you onto your current path? 

West says his mission is to find what drives others, focus entirely on that, and block out all the noise to reach those goals as quickly as possible. He recalls that when he was younger, his mother faced financial difficulties to the point of selling her house to an “investor” for an amount far below its actual value. “Later on, I found out we had other options, and it led me to learn about real estate,” he says. Over time, he began helping families in similar situations, working to help people with mortgages save their houses. Today, as a seasoned residential real estate professional, he’s trying his hand at short-term rentals, too.

Tell us about Powerhouse Real Estate. 

At Powerhouse Real Estate, we generate leads, but not (in) the traditional way of phone calls,” West explains. “We leverage social media, create content, and remarket our ads so people find us through different mediums and come to us. We’re teaching how to be findable by building your brand and using inbound marketing.”

“We follow a roadmap where we post content on social media with a hook for homeowners,” he continues. “They then get retargeting videos about several topics and feel like they know you. Hence, when someone from the team reaches out to them, it’s not a cold call. We work specifically in the greater Los Angeles area, known as the South Bay, and cover the beach cities.”

The secret sauce to creating good content 

“It’s a ratio of 80:20,” West notes when asked about his advice on creating good content. “80% of the content is about who I am, which filters the people who don’t match with me. People who match with me get the (other) 20% — content about real estate.”

Alongside email marketing, he’s also been sending out monthly newsletters for years. “You have to first create value and offer free information to the customers,” he says, in an effort to build familiarity, credibility, and trust.

What’s next for you? 

West says he’s excited about his upcoming podcast, Powerhouse Entrepreneurs. The show is currently in pre-production, and his plan is to bring good hosts and authoritative speakers together to share expertise on finance and real estate.

To learn more about Powerhouse Real Estate, visit, email [email protected] or follow Darryl West on LinkedIn.

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